Happy Birthday, Grandad.

Not sure where this should go, or even whether it's worth the bandwidth.

Today would have been my grandad's 100th birthday, sadly he died 20 odd years ago, and only recently I've been thinking that I should have spent more time with him.

He served during WW2 in the Royal Artillery, leaving my grandmother, father and his older brother for over 6 years. My dad was only 5 when he left, and says very little about growing up in Manchester during the war. Only once, when I was looking at my grandad's medals did he talk about his experiences, just saying that it was not something he'd want to do again. (Master of understatement methinks.)

I was a typical know-it-all kid, didn't want to spend time with my grandad, his teeth came out and he smelt funny, but I really wish I could have asked him his thoughts and experiences - he served in North Africa, Italy and Burma, and on one occasion he told me how he shot a young Japanese soldier, very matter of fact "It was him, or me" that was it, no embellishment, no boasting, no overt regret either.

I've only posted all this as I really don't know much about what he did, there's no way of finding out, and now that I want to know, it's too late.

I'll have a drink to my grandad tonight, just hope the dust keeps out of my eyes.

Go to church on sunday, put your uniform on wear your medals with pride and remember him there together with all the others - he would probably enjoy the fact that you did that. then after raise a glass to him. i will be doing that this weekend for my grand father, did not know him that well.
I shall to be going to church this weekend all prim and proper with medals pinned on, to remember and say thanks to my relatives past and present and everyone else of all nations that have "done their bit".

It is true though, after they have gone you regret you didn't know them better.
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