Happy Birthday 5 MI Bn (V)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Ed_Straker, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Congratulations!

    And it came to pass that all volunteers south of Watford Gap were very happy.

    And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in London when they realised what they were left with.
  2. Ed Straker - wicked sense of humour :D

    Yes, Happy Birthday 5MI
  3. Happy Birthday 5 (V) MI. But will regulars be able to tell the difference?
  4. Will we care?
  5. We don't care if you care, as we do care.
  6. I don't you slags!
  7. Cockney 3 MI Bn (V) nutjob.
  8. 2 MI Bn squire, or do I have to urinate in your face again?
  9. Is it just because I'm out of the loop or is it something else, but has anyone found out who the CO and RSM are going to be? Only interested as they won't be STABs.
  10. Yes indeed, a cheery beautiful British cheery hip hip to 5 MI.

    I believe a memo will soon be coming out to Seniors in 5MI on how to deal with some withdrawal symptoms that troops may encounter. The main one will be that it is likely to expect a Coy to found all crammed in minibuses in the TAC car-park, with blank expressions whilst clutching pies on Friday nights. It seems that this will probably be a reaction to not driving for between 4-8 hours.

    A structured theraputic solution is for Seniors to make a home made motorway sign that reads' Crowborough 300 miles' and subsequent ones with lesser mileage. Then camouflage themselves as a roadside verge and shuffle past ther minibus to simulate that the vehicle is moving. For added realism, a 'my first play kitchen' could be used to simulate a roadside butty van and sell pies (with optional 'unhygenic pie proprieter's hair/pubes') to the troops for an over-inflated sum. Then susequent Fridays, signs with lesser mileage should be introduced until symptoms disappear.
  11. Excellent point.

    However, be aware of the increasing spectre of 'joint training', which may necessitate many arduous hours of mini-bus travel and subsequent pie-eating?
  12. There are some very bitter people on here, chill out folks.
  13. Jealousy thats all :D

    I "google earthed" Coulby Newham and thankfully its got some greenery around. I was afraid it would be an industrial wasteland.

    No doubt someone will correct me..........

    (Should've gone to the French Embassy like my parole officer suggested)
  14. Congratulations? - what for? 3 MI had been dysfunctional for years.

    The real question is 1,2,3,4 or 5 - where is the value for money?

    Thousands of INNOCENT civilians murdered
    White Flags over Basra Palace in Viet-raq - al la Brave Sir Robin
    One of the best poppy crops for yonks in Afghaninam
    2m children in the UK below the poverty line
    How many broken families?
    Record Oil prices
    and one of the darkest stains on British military history ever.

    And don't come back with any jingoistic bluff - it was the 'community' that verified the lies that kicked it all off in the first place! 45 minutes? - my **rse!

    Be the Best? - yeah, at least try......