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Happy Barossa Day

"Bejabers Buoys I have the cuckoo" cried Sgt Masterson of the 2/87th Foot, as he captured the French 8th Regiments Eagle on 5th March 1811 at the Battle of Barossa. (A French Regiments Eagle was personally presented by Napoleon and this was the first to be captured by a British Army Regiment)

Masterson’s regiment, the 87th Foot, were known in the Peninsular for their battle cry “Faugh a Ballagh”, the Irish for “Clear the way”. They also captured the French Regiments Officers mess wagons full of fine wines, cognac and other delacies. You can guess what happened to the contents of the wagons!!

Following Barossa, the regiment was “recommended to the Prince Regent” who awarded them the title of “Prince of Wales’ Own Irish Regiment” and directed that they wear an eagle on their colours and appointments.

87th Foot lost 5 officers and 168 soldiers killed and wounded. From 1882 they were renamed The Royal Irish Fusiliers and are now amalgamated into The Royal Irish Regiment.

Let todays Royal Irish Regiment join with me, celebrate and remember this Barossa day in traditional Regimental fashion. I will look forward to my Barossa dinner this week-end!!


My Great Grandfather was a proud Royal Irish Fusillier and served in WW1.

Happy Barossa day & Faugh A Ballagh!

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