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Happy Australia Day !

"Hey Boss?
"Think that's the last of 'em."


War Hero
Celebrating Australia's colonization day.
Before this its was pooing in a bucket & throwing spears mate.

Did you know that XXXX larger was named "CRAP" that's why they put 4X's over the name.
A dingo mate told me this in kings cross as a bird noshed him off cobber.
At least the Flying Docs are good.
I learned a new proven fake rumour that aboriginal people invaded and slaughtered pygmies that lived here first. Some people believe it as fact.

It was actually illegal to kill or hurt the indigenous, this really pissed off the convicts who were regularly beaten and in cases hung. The convicts saw these ‘blacks’ as having more rights than them so they hated them.

I see something similar now, there is a dislike of aborigines by some because they have this effort to give them jobs and equality and they still end up in trouble then moan about the white fella.

I don’t really GAF if we invaded, genocided or whatever, it wasn’t my generation, I can only be responsible for my own actions.

Problem now is cancel culture, why is this year so much louder than any before, BLM, attacking slavery, cancel culture.

So unfortunately I will never vote to change the date and will continue to celebrate Australia Day on 26th January and I don’t care about their hurt feelings.

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