Happy Australia Day

I'll tip my hat in the direction of the nearest prison in honour of the occasion.
bushfires are out!! toowoomba floods start on monday, got to love the aussie climate!!!
Monty Python put it succintly:
'This here is the wattle, it's the emblem of our land,
You can stick it in a bottle, or hold it in your hand.
Australia's a lovely place, it's full of bonzer blokes,
There's lots of beer and no-ones queer
Except in pommy jokes.'
All the best to you bunch of deviant wombat molesters. Hope you've got something interesting strapped down on the barbie.


I was watching the womens tennis final earlier, not for the tennis, I just like watching hot sweaty women playing with balls and the bloody drongos halted the match midway through the final set while they set some fucking fireworks off.

It`s just not cricket.
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