Happy as Larry then eh!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by leonidas42, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Who the F*ck are you trying to kid

  2. Over the god damn moon

  3. I'm just a moaning old cnut and couldn't be happy about anything

  1. This a quote from Air Commodore whoever, saying that it is no wonder that the armed forces have come equal second in a happiness poll. Equal second with HAIRDRESSERS!! Read this drivel, although some of what he said is true. Reference the bold, I see a retraction or a "It was taken out of context" statement shortly. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. :D :( :D

    According to Air Commodore Tim Winstanley, Director Training and Education within the Ministry of Defence, it's not a great surprise that the nation's military personnel profess to be happy in their work:

    "Individuals join the Armed Forces for a huge variety of reasons. Like all occupational areas, there are issues which cause our people to be dissatisfied. However, the evidence we gather indicates that it is the variety, the job satisfaction and excitement of military service that provides overall contentment with the roles they perform.

    "What comes through very clearly is that they are proud of what they do, with 91% of our most recent survey indicating a belief that the UK Armed Forces are the best in the world."
  2. How long ago was this survey? Only I seem to remember an almost identical conclusion some time ago?
  3. Coming from the RAF point of view, i.e. never more than 500m from a Naafi and sleep in their single rooms every night, OF COURSE they're happy!
  4. Must be nice up there in his tower eh?

    I agree with this bit though:

  5. Best at what though? Fighting insurgents? Looking after soldiers families? Making bone statements to the press about how happy we are?
  6. The week before Spion Kop.
  7. Just completely let down by the government and crippled by massive underfunding. It's all well and good but when you don't have the political will or cash to anything except half-arrsed...
  8. I could be lying on a Caribbean beach, undergoing the process of being fellated by the entire Taiwanese under-21s naked beach volleyball team, and I would STILL be mentally penning a stiff missive to the Times about some coconut-related gripe or other. Some people are never happy.

    Non-happy of San Pedro
  9. How long before the belief in our mission in the middle east starts to turn into resentment a la Vietnam?
  10. Well I think it's safe to say it's already turned into resentment of the government, the mission itself is another matter. :)
  11. I too am a grumpy old tw@t - but I found out too late that the volleyball team was the MALE team. :oops:
  12. Wow, a survey of a thousand workers in total, which means they must have asked all of about six servicemen (who had probably just come off adventure training and were about to go on three weeks leave)