Happy Anniversary, Ma'am.


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Anniversary Church Service on BBC 1 now until 12:00.
And,for all those ******* who go on about "Global Warming"..................it rained the day before,and on Coronation day in London,it was none too warm either!

Happy Anniversary Ma'am. :w00t::w00t::w00t:
60 glorious years of selfless dedication to the country.

Congratulations, ma'am, and thank you.
I'm all for congratulating the Queen, but surely she's been Queen for over 60 years now?

The Jubilee is the important anniversary IMO!

(Unless we get a medal for this, of course)
The Queen...God Bless Her!! :salut:

(When is it going to be poor old Charley's turn? :? )
I remember it well .......... In the cadets and pulling a field gun from Cosham over the hill to Waterlloville, display [in the rain,] and then reverse trails back down the hill. Missed the street party scan, which, with rationing still on for certain things, I was mightily pissed off about! GSTQ!
When she dies, it's the criteria.
Well that's unfair isn't it?:? Bertie was 59 years old before his mother Victoria finally croaked and he had a chance at the Big Chair. I think the PoW has already passed 60 and there's no end in sight of the waiting... ;-)

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