Happy Albuhera Day!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Queensman, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Greetings to all Arrsers, especially those from the Regimental Family of what is now the PWRR, on this the anniversary of The Battle of Albuhera.
  2. Greetings indeed on the anniversary of one of the hardest fought battles of the Peninsular War.

    "There is no defeating these British soldiers. They were completely beaten and the day was mine, but they did not not know it and would not run." Marshal Soult after the battle.

    Also remembering those other fine British Regiments, not forgetting the hugely professional King's German Legion and our steadfast Portugese and Spanish allies.
  3. A day to remember, especially for RWF and Glosters, and their successor regts.

    A hard-won battle honour to be immensely proud of . . . . .
  4. RIP Sgt 'Chad' Chapman (3 Queens), killed on this day 17 years ago by a veh bomb in Wembley.
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  5. "There is no beating these troops - the day was mine but they did not know it and would not run" - Marshal Soult.

    "Another such battle would ruin us" - Wellington

    In memory of Lieutenant Matthew Latham, Colonel William Inglis, the 3rd of Foot (The Buffs), the 31st of Foot (East Surreys) and the 57th of Foot(West Middlesex) - the "Die-Hards"

    Greetings to all former Diehards and Queensmen and to all serving and former members of the PWRR.

    Invicta - Ich Dien (Unconquered - I Serve)
  6. A glass raised “To the Immortal Memory”.

    Unconquered We Serve.
  7. Indeed a glass raised, I never knew the guy, but am very fond of someone who loved and continues to love him dearly.

    He will live on through his family and grandaughter whom I'm sure will never let his memory fade.
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  8. A few months before he died the MTO (an amature modeller) made a lifelike model of 'Chad' in full rig. I was astonished at the accurracy; each model took 6 weeks to complete using modelling clay & humbrol paint. I hope this made its way back to the family & is still in their posession.

    'Chad' was a thoroughly decent bloke who loved his family. I purposley visited the Church in Dover castle when last in UK (2004) to tip my hat at the brass plaque erected in his memory (& others) by the Regiment.

    Edit: Thanks for PM (see answer in your inbox).
  9. Greetings to all on this, the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Albuhera!

    'To the immortal memory'
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  10. And to you sir
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  11. Grand regiment the old 57th.
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  12. The old Queen's Regiment had an affiliation with The King's Own Scottish Borderers, stemming from, IIRC, WW1 when 2 West Kents and 2KOSB served throughout WW1 together in the same brigade. Both Bns did particularly well at Vimy Ridge with the Canadians. I wonder if that 'Bond of Friendship' is maintained in the new regiments?
  13. I celebrated Albuhera day in hospital but raised my cup of tea in remembrance and had a chat via email with the secretary of the Queens regt association.
    Hopefully some fellow arrsers will be attending the armed forces day in Guildford on the 27th June. The queens regt assoc will be out in force with a marquee, bar and BBQ as well as the PWRR. If so I may very well see you on the day
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