Happy 49th

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SilsoeSid, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I would like to wish the Corps a Happy 49th and hope that the weekend is a good one for you all, wherever you are.

    Thoughts are with all, especially those not with their loved ones, at home or abroad. Come home safe.

    All the very best to all Corps members, past and present.

    I know of at least one birthday party.


    Almighty God, who makest the clouds thy chariots, and who walkest upon the wings of the wind, have mercy upon all who serve in the Army Air Corps that they may have the assurance of your presence with them, and find thy hand to support and strengthen them, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
  2. Ditto those thoughts Silsoe!

    Oh and have fun at the backstabbers one and all!
  3. Happy Birthday. Stag on!
  4. Happy birthday AAC. I'm looking forward to being as pi$$ed as a pack rat for the big one at Wallop in 12 months time.
  5. Happy Birthday AAC.

    See you there FF.
  6. Ooooh

    I'm getting all excited........
  7. Just come off a serious servicing after going t~ts up. Only knew about the Corps dinner cos someone brought me a soldier mag to the hospital.
    As a paying ,albeit extended member of the mess I should have least have got an invite. Or should I withdraw my membership. Corps PMC please give me an answer .
  8. Sorry warden, the Corps simply wants your money so it can be spent without any input or vote from your good self. I'm sure if someone with an ounce of legal know how looked into this the head sheds at DAAvn would find themselves in a world of pain.

    Anyhow, moving on, we have a Regimental secretary and office at Middle Wallop whom I think should look after your interests (after all you are a paying member) and you should be invited by personal letter, cant be that hard as you received your journal.

    Furthermore, I too am annoyed about the whole thing and am considering leaving a worthless fund that really has no appeal whatsoever. Added to all of this of course is the huge amount of Op Tours that are preventing the bulk of the members attending which leaves only those lucky enough to be at Wallop to enjoy such an evening.

    Hmm, this leads me to thinking: where are the Corps Mess decisions made? MW. Whom are the main beneficiaries? MW.

    Join up young Sir and you'll be guaranteed accomodation and of a superior standard...nothing more to say on the matter
  9. If you are jealous of those at MW spending our cash then get a posting there.
    This is done by simply putting ' anywhere in the universe except Middle Wallop' on your preference of posting form and letting manning and records sort out the rest !!
  10. Which ever way the Corps PMC advises You, I hope Your recovery is fast and without incident mate
  11. Thanks Sven - gettin better all the time.

    Red......Neither after a personal invite nor any other special treatment. However, it has yet again become apparrent that those on E2 postings around the globe are being forgotten. Incidentally........I have not received a corps journal since 2003 (about the time I left a field AAC Regt).

    Does the journal only come to those who serve as a regular colour bloke or are long service soldiers not included? Does the Corps PMC actually check that those on E2 posts actually receive the relevant info?

    Eitherway it is a sad insight into the workings of the Corps Mess at this time.

    Moogie........Wether in jest or seriously..........Your quote about spending the money at MW is in bad taste and I'm sure there are people in some not so nice places in the world at this time would have given their right Firkin bollok to be or have been there. If you would not be proud to be posted to our Corps Centre then I suggest you stand up.......be counted and have the nads to say why.

    A simple question can get some good feedback. Just a pity the odd nig with no idea can hijack things