Happy 40th Birthday today

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the formation of The Ulster Defence Regiment when brave men stood up to the mark, donned the uniform of the British Army and started the long road to bringing peace to our wee Norn Iron.

I salute the origiinals who were there - well done - you showed us the way - Thank you.

The UDR CGC do you mean?
Remember it like it was yesterday. While I had the utmost respect for the brave men and women of the UDR I pray their sacrifices were not in vain - and that they will never be resurrected.

Cuddles said:
The UDR CGC do you mean?
No - I mean The Ulster Defence Regiment!

The use of the post nominal CGC is incorrect and is not approved.

And before a 'slanging match' starts I served 20 yrs in UDR!

Cuddles said:
Are you sure?


I only ask out of received ignorance! 8)
Understand where you are coming from but the fact they use the post nominals dosen't mean its use is officially approved!

" The use of the post nominal CGC is incorrect and is not approved" No offence, who gives a shit. We earned it more that the R Irish did FACT!

No I dont see any 252's comming my way or any of the ex soldiers way because e its on our sites. Me thinks tha above poster is PC mad or still thinks hes in the army.

This is what HM queen said:

"For this reason, and so that the extraordinary record of the Ulster Defence Regiment and the Home Service battalions will always be remembered, I wish now to present the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross as a mark of the nation's esteem."

We will refer to ourself as CGC

Oh thanks to the MOD and Royal Irish for saying happy birthday they rather send out crap about Barrosa day

NO I'm not PC mad and yes I am still serving in the Army...
as I said in an earlier post... I served 20 years in the UDR (72-92) and the rest was R IRISH HS right to the end in Mar 2007 and I'm still serving R IRISH now (TA) so I don't "think" I'm in the Army - I am!

The fact remains that the CGC post nominals should not be used - period.

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