Happy 4 July...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. If it's any consolation, I completely forgot it was the Fourth.

    And good luck finding anyone in my office to join me for a beer after work (the shedload of Australians I work with might be down for it, but for different reasons).
  2. Enjoy - although on hols, I am assured by my Septic colleagues that some beer and steaks are being reserved for me!

    As a sweaty. all I can say is - Don't drink more than we would on Saint Andrews Day 8)
  3. Isn't that the day the Brits give up and went home cos the women were not entertaining our troops anymore.

    Question: If the Americans are so independant then why do they bloody drag us British into every bun fight they get into?

    Answers welcomed?
  4. Or any other day, really. :D
  5. Happy Birthday America!
  6. Happy Independence Day neighbours. We had a great 141st birthday party on the 1st, sorry you missed it. We're also celebrating the 400th birthday of Quebec City, sorry you missed that too, we all had a great time toasting HM for having the sense to hang on to this part of the continent.
  7. I was up there a month or so ago and it looks like you Canuks lost Vancouver to the Chinese!
  8. I've never been there but I've drank "Canada Dry" anyone remember that from way back?

    Tonic water or something??...

    Do they still sell it?? Just a flashback to the 80's - no not the 1880's!!! :D
  9. I suppose it's still the 4th in some parts of USA, so Happy 4th!

    The first time I celebrated it in your company (I wouldn't otherwise, anyway) was on 4 July 1985, when I had an invite to the US Base on Ascension.

    Brilliant evening! Thanks a lot!

    Unfortunately, the US Base doesn't have any proper beer (didn't have and still doesn't). Having suffered that s#it Budweiser that you call beer, I've never touched the stuff since.

    Can somebody over there get a grip and produce a beer that doesn't contain rice? Even the Chinese don't use it!

    Tsing Tao. Lovely. (Carlsberg with slitty eyes).
  10. Because they need to blame someone else for the coooooockup.
    Except for vietnam. you may notice that USA up to 1992 was- to say the least impotent.

    That 1972 to 1992 = almost 20 years when the Yanks ( sorry should that be W) as usual were all balls and no teeth.

    A country the size and muscle power (spastic?) was unable to stop ONE man from Columbia flooding the USA with coke?????????????

    Bugger, too many limpo G&T. Off course we must not forget the ex SAS mercenaries that were tasked to remove "escobre" etc.

    sadly, the whole operation was blown.

    accusations = NO YANKS WERE KILLED.

    the operation was a fiasque.

    it was an USA OP, but NO USA military were on the ground.

    Custer was correct. The only good american is a dead american.

    oooops, sorry yanks, you still havent stopped the power and control of south america.

    bunch of politacal cooooooocksuuuuuuckers.

    tin foil hat. I could fart louder than thes CS-MFKrs.
  11. Not sure they sell it up north but in FLA I use it to dilute that awful stuff called gin.
  12. Yep Ctauch that's what we did with it.

    Gin was easier to buy than vodka where i grew up - perfumed vodka we used to call it.

    Mind you, my family used to make their own vodka from distilled potato mash - anyone seen my spectacles and guide dog???

  13. Coz your politicians are spineless slags...we didn't drag you in your PM BLiar saw fit to come along!
  14. As I type this I am in the Unified Command Center for the Boston-Cambridge 4th Concert/Fireworks. Police, Fire, National Guard, USCG, FBI, ATF, DHS and other agencies working together in one place. 400,000 spectators and no problems other than a few lost kids, and the sort of illnesses/injuries you would get in any group that large in a day.

    This is the 23rd straight year I have worked on the 4th and it will be an 18 hour day but it feels good to be part of keeping safe a celebration this large. Happy 4th all.

    By the way, the Master of Ceremonies for the concert is from UK, Craig Ferguson. He did a great job.