Happy 300th Birthday, United Kingdom....?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Read a few articles over the weekend about this and the fact that the SNP are likely to be the strongest party after the elections. It will make Salmond first minister and then a referendum on independence will follow.

    From our Scottish compatriots would you vote to retain the union or for independence? I am curious as to what the likely result would be if there was a referendum.

    I think most English are ambivalent about the whole thing - personally I think everyone will lose if the union is dissolved.
  2. The only way for Scotland to remain Independant and have a word on the world stage is to stay in the Politacally formed United Kingdom. The SNP would only drag us further into the EU. So I'd rather have an Enlish/Welsh or Ulsterman on my side than a French/German or Italian bloke.

    So yeah staying in the Union gets my vote, although that wont make any odds as I am posted Darn Saarth. :D
  3. Because, PTP, today is the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union, if you hadn't noticed. We have numerous threads on eg. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc, but you don't ask the people who start those to go back to their previous threads. And I would think the potential dissolution of the UK might be of some interest to contributors here. But if you feel that strongly, of course you have the power to move or delete this thread.

    Also, these threads only degenerate into Jock-bashing when Biscuits turns up :p
  4. You could always go for a postal vote in your 'home' constituency.


    PS be as rgorous in your questioning of the unionists as you are of the nationalists, for example is Broon a unionist because he prefers to screw up 60M people rather than 5M
  5. Interesting that on The Telegraph website that a number of English posters have registered their real gripe at England not having a referendem on how it feels in remaining part of the Union? All we hear is what Scotland wants, what Wales wants etc. What does England want?
  6. Equally there was a lot of comment in favour of the SNP. The Union is like a marriage, it takes two to tango, but only one to have a divorce. Mind you as we Scots have no one to blame but ourselves we voted for the Union, the poor Welsh and the Irish were never even asked, just invaded.
  7. The latest Mori Poll shows a majority of English in favour of Independence, with a majority of Scots against. As I've been saying, it will be the English who decide the future of the Union.

    It's been a nice 300 years but time for a divorce.. and no alimony.
  8. There's no chance of a referendum in England to find out the true 'english' feeling about Scotland because what would Gordon do without the 40 or so scottish constituency MPs who are propping up his government?
  9. They are not, go check on how many English labour MPs he has, mind you he wants to screw up 60m people not 5M.
  10. Q-u-i-t-e a good DT article, tho' too short to dilate any worthwhile argument..

    And, ahem - only half of me, so to speak, has been in the Union for 300 years.

    The other half joined in 1801/02 . . . . .

    God Bless The Union!

    God D**n All Sectaries.

    God Bless and Save The Queen!
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You're a loyalist aren't you ;)
  12. Independent Scotland: A Road to Riches
    Adam Smith Institute Link
  13. Damme, Sir, I am! :D

    But never a LAYALLISST - as the totally unreverend, undoctoral Paisley might approximately pronounce and colour it. :x

    Damn him, too, while we're about this execration business . . . :evil: :x

    Now pass that decanter of Bushmills. Look at the time! 8) 8)