Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Provost, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. I watched a programme about her on TV the other night. She really meant an awful lot to people during WW2, particularly as she was one of the few entertainers who bothered to go out to entertain the troops of the Forgotten Army in the far east.

    There were one or two old boys with tears in their eyes when they were singing her songs. She meant that much to them.

    Interesting side note: After the war, the BBC wanted her to include more upbeat material in her regular show because they thought that her sentimental style was not sufficiently upbeat. She was not willing to change her style and was welcomed with open arms by Radio Luxembourg! The Beeb; getting it totally wrong, even then.

    Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera!
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  2. Interesting little peice She did on an episode of the World At War,about Her time out with the 14th Army.
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  3. You thoughtless, ungrateful bunch of c*nts! This is Vera f*cking Lynn we're talking about.

    One single shagging response. Utterly pathetic. I hope you're all ashamed. You should be.

    I wish Hitler had f*cking invaded, now!
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  4. I would.

    Too early in the thread?
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  5. Yeah but that's not special seeing as you're fúcking ancient yourself. ;)
  6. . . . then again, did you catch the 'tribute' piece on BBC1? 2 x 40 year old blondes dressed as WAAFs and pretending that they were 25, a few fat re-enactors including a 'Churchill' who was fatter than WSC was in life and a few professional veterans who'd turn up to the opening of a paper bag.

    Happily, they all got soaking wet on Dover cliffs so that should lead to at least a couple deaths from bronchial pneumonia.
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  7. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    Well she couldn't be bothered to get her arse down to Dover. All that effort put in to show how much we cared and she just sat at home. The war wasn't won with that attitude, I expected more from her I really did.
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  8. Rather rapid riposte.
    Harsh, but fair.
  9. Tomorrow , Just you wait and see........
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  10. I think the poor old dear is getting fed up with the whole wartime rationing re-enactment schtick at the functions to which she was invited.

    She'd sit down at the top table and be served inedible slop.

    "Oh no!", she'd cry out in horror, "Whale meat again!"
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  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I am sure that she is getting trained to fly a Spitfire over Dover in 2040.
  12. My uncle,dead now,was sent to North Africa in the early 1940`s. After a bit of bother he and his mates had their photo taken wearing their baggy shorts and Fezes in front of the Sphinx. After a while driving around shooting packs of Rabid dogs they set of for Italy. After a bit more eating grapes and getting diorhea and shagging Italian bints they finished up in the Fatherland.
    The whole 6years had the background dirge of VL. He and his mates hated the noise the "crying bitch" made. Forces sweetheart ?
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  13. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    She was a bit one dimensional. And where are these bloody Blue Birds?
  14. Literally something every day on the bbc about Narzis/WW2.
  15. Do you have a point to make?
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