Happy 100 Colt .45!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. I must admit I wouldn't say no to a free one

  2. I guess its just unwillingness. There are far far better .45 pistols out there nowadays no matter how tarted up that 1911 is.
  3. true but I still wouldn't like one emptied in my general direction
  4. [​IMG]

    How Guchi is this one, shame it's a BB Gun.
  5. Have 2

    a genuine M1911 Colt Mfr 1916

    and an Essex Arms SS frame with Parked slide, fixed higher GI type sights and long trigger.

    Been shooting them since Basic back in 1981. As long as it isnt worn out like a baby rattle shoots fine. Won a few awards for unit competition (III Corps)in 83-84 with one.
  6. have a Colt Gold Cup model, great gun, I have put a lot of rounds through it. The wife did too, every year before her USN pistol qualification. I think she liked the pistol qual. ribbon to have that gold "E" on it.

    Lots of rounds, factory and home brew, and the only problem was a couple of times the roll pins holding the sight broke. Great customer service by Colt, one phone call and they sent me a dozen replacements at no cost.
  7. Wasn't the 1911 developed after the Philipino-American War, when the .38 revolver was shown to be ineffective at stopping enraged tribesmen?
  8. Quite right. the Army at that time was using a revolver in the now obsolete .38 Long Colt chambering. There were so many problems that the Army had to ship over the old Colt Single Action Army revolver in .45 Colt (now known as .45 Long Colt) as well as a some slightly newer Colt DA revolvers also in .45 Long Colt. Col John Thompson of the Ordinance Corps performed tests of stopping power involving shots fired into live cattle and human cadavers and decided that .45 ACP was the minimum chambering and the rest is history.
  9. No matter which brand of 1911 they all have fantastic triggers and that single stack mag makes for a lovely overall feel. However, I think they have always been spoiled by the grip safety. It’s a bit disconcerting and seems pretty pointless. The steal frames models do make the .45 a very credible choice for home defence even if you have a 4” barrel. Not a viable military option but you can spend thousands on a customised competition pistol and it wont deliver much more than the good old 1911.
  10. I read one report that the Moros, who the Spams were fighting in the Philippines, would bind their balls with wet rawhide which would then tighten as it dried. The resulting pain was so excruciating that they didn't really notice getting hit with a few .38's, hence the need to get the retired .45 Colts back out of storage and the advent of the slab-side.

    (Incidentally, I must have fired well over a dozen 1911's including Gold Cups and long-slide hard-ballers and I can't hit the side of a barn with one. I had a Springfield in .40 S & W which was based on a 1911 action and I could shoot the nads off a fly with it).
  11. Do you have large hands? It's such a flat pistol that might be your problem. After market grips could do great things for you.