Happy 100 Bob....


Comedian Bob Hope, regarded as one of the United States' greatest entertainers, is turning 100 years old on Thursday.
Although he is not well enough to attend public celebrations, his family and neighbours held a birthday party in his honour on Wednesday.

Thursday has been declared Bob Hope Day in 35 US states, while a Hollywood intersection will be renamed Bob Hope Square.

Just remember something Spams, your greatest ever comedian is BRITISH  ;D


OK, their greatest ever comedian is British.

But nobody can deny that their greatest ever clown is Texas born George Dubbya.

On a serious not, it is a bit of a shame that Bob Hope's 100th was only marked in the UK by the showing of The Road to Morroco film, very late last night.

It would have been nice to see the whole 'Road to .. ' series, great movies, great man.