Happiest place in Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABrighter2006, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. BBC Webpage: Britain's happiest places mapped

    I reckon there are a few on here, who don't quite hold with the Powys as the happiest place in Britain. :D

    So, the ARRSE opinion - Happiest place in Britain? - and for balance, let's give the shitholes an airing too.
  2. I reckon Bridgend must be near the top
  3. Oi you, stop hanging around!!!
  4. It would be too easy to suggest one of the numerous post-industrial hell holes in Scotland’s rust-belt so, as a Highland lass I thought it only right that my choice of the worst place to live is a smaller scale post-industrial hell hole located at a more northerly latitude. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you…Invergordon.

    Invergordon was at its zenith during the first world war, the next and final economic peak was the expansion of the fabrication plant at Nigg during the late 70’s/early 80’s so you’re already getting the picture. Associated with any rapid economic expansion is the influx of labour - cue the Glaswegians. Oh yes, and some 20 years later the local statutory agencies are reaping what was sown. The result is a depressing mix of high scores on all the indicators for social and economic deprivation set against a physical backdrop of diesel storage tanks and acres of contaminated land.

    In what one can only call a truly astonishing episode of ‘blue sky thinking’ (and the most exquisite piece of irony) some one from the Port Authority thought that it would be a good idea to use Invergordon as a stop-off point for the floating Dante’s infernos that ply their anodyne trade round the coast of the Highlands.

    Invergordon truly is the arrsehole of the Highlands (neighbouring Alness is actually worse, a lot worse, in fact it’s so bad that words fail me).

    Happiest place - Half Moon Bay, California :D I know, I know it’s not the UK but come on…
  6. Westminster. Not a care in the world, all bills paid and guaranteed lucrative employment afterwards.

    Pity about the rest of us, but omelettes and eggs...
  7. Anywhere South of the M4 and West of the M23.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Happiest place in the UK?

    I give you, for your very own delectation, and without further ado, though a bit of fanfare . . . . . . .

    Hastings-by-the-Sea, in Sunny East Sussex (neighbours to the Garden of England)!!!!

    'Why Hastings?!?!' I hear you cry! "It's a dire sh!thole that is ridden with crime, wnaksterism, poverty, single parent chav families, thousands of doleys and shoit council houses and more chav kids per square metre than a Borstal!"

    Well, in terms fo 'indicators', they might suggest that Hastings-by-the-Sea was not exaccerly a nice place or a happy place - but you'd be wrong in that assumption!

    The place is so dosed up on smack that it can't fail to be the happiest place in the UK - these cnuts are so ragged off their faces, you could stab them in the face and they'd just smile gormlessly at you.
  9. Pompey is the shittiest

    everywhere else is just crap

    any airport departure terminal is the happiest
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Sunderland. Give them a Greggs pasty, a can of blue pop and a red laboon and they wet themselves with joy.
  11. Glasgow airport Tuesday 26th Aug 1900hrs.

    Me getting the fcuk out of the UK, that was the happiest place in Britain.
  12. Aibardeen.

    Lots of car stickers saying "Smile, your in Aberdeen". works for me.
  13. I doubt it is the happiest but Windsor is OK. At least, I like it here. Wigan used to be good but not sure about how it is now.
  14. "....Swansea and Doncaster also did poorly...."

    Wonders will never cease. :roll:
  15. Behave yourself!! Gadgy country out there over the firth! Full of neds!lol