I've heard the name passed around and I'm applying for something that will require a decent pair of boots.

If I get on the course, are they worth the bother?
Hanwag/Meindl/Lowa are IIRC three parts of the same company in reality (or at least they were) and they're all of a similar quality. With all boots buy the ones that fit you feet best, rather than the name!
I trust them as my paragliding boots ('superfly ftx'). Superb, if pricey, piece of kit. Took significant breaking in, but give excellent protection, and great waterproofing for the bogs at the bottom of the hills, plus warmth for the long flights.

Wouldn't like to tab in military conditions when they were wet though - I prefer something that lets it out as fast as it gets in...

More inclined to say, get anything that feels good, and make sure it's really been broken in before any course... Brand new, plus course = grief...

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