Hanwag SF Goretex Boots, Any Good?

Hi all, looking to buy a new pair of boots. I have seen the Hanwag SF Goretex boots on various websites and the reviews i have read appear to be good and comparable, if not superior to Lowas. Just looking for peoples opinion from anyone who has used the boot.
Hanwag/Lowa and Meindl are (or at least were) three parts of the same company and the quality, more or less, is identical. Only real difference is whether the boots fit your feet properly not. I personally wouldn't have Goretex boots at any price. I have a pair of Lowa Patrols sans Goretex and they're great.

Goretex boots will cook your feet in the summer and if water goes in over the top you'll have wet feet for much longer than if you had a non Goretex boot.

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