Hanoi Jane

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Phil306, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jane Fonda regrets her visit to a North Vietnamese gun site in 1972, the actress and fitness guru said in an interview with CBS television show "60 Minutes" to be aired on Sunday.

    The actress defended her trip to Vietnam in 1972, which won her the nickname "Hanoi Jane." But she said her visit to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun site used to shoot down U.S. pilots was a "betrayal" of the U.S. military.

    "The image of Jane Fonda, Barbarella, Henry Fonda's daughter ... sitting on an enemy aircraft gun was a betrayal," she said, calling the act, "The largest lapse of judgment that I can even imagine."

    But she said she did not regret visiting Hanoi, or being photographed with American prisoners of war there.

    "There are hundreds of American delegations that had met with the POWs," she said. "Both sides were using the POWs for propaganda. ... It's not something that I will apologize for."

    Three decades on, Vietnam continues to be a divisive issue for Americans. During last year's election campaign, some Republican supporters of President Bush called his Democratic rival, Sen. John Kerry, "Hanoi John" for protesting the Vietnam War after fighting in it and receiving five medals for combat duty.


    Well thanks alot you traitor. Your about 33 yrs too late and about a million bucks short. If Vietnam had been a declared war, your worthless butt would have been tried for treason.
  2. *Edited as just read her bone, self-justifying article in the G2. Take it all back...
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I always wondered why the bitch got away with giving 'aid and succour' to the enemy.

    Can't you get the Senate to pass a law with retroactive effect ?

    By the way is that Viet-Nam vets society still about - the one whose members pledge to p!ss on Hanoi Jane's grave ?
    Maybe we could start a similar one here, just with TCH's & Bliar's graves instead.
  4. Not harsh at all. If I could written what I really wanted too, just standby.

    I encourage you to research Operation Dewey Canyon II. During that time, US Marines found medical supplies, in the hands of the NVA, which were stamped "UC Berkeley." Those supplies were smuggled into North Vietnam with the help of: Jane Fonda.

    Jane Fonda ran several "clubs." These clubs were ran with very good looking women, outside of military bases. Basically, these women were whores, for Fonda and her ilk, in order to lure Soldiers/Marines to desert and not go to Vietnam.

    In 1973, Jane Fonda at a speech said:

    "If you knew what communism was. You would hope, you would prey, we too would become communists."

    Harsh? No, I aint harsh. The bitch should be dead.
  5. Any vitriole heaped on Jane Fonda is well deserved. Her father didn't put her up to anything. Heck, at one time her brother Peter was a bigger flake than she was. The key difference is HE didn't come out against the USA by traveling to our enemy's camp denouncing everything American.

    As the British on this site like to gleefully point of, Americans are a strange and fickle breed, but Jane Fonda crossed a line that even we (the hippie generation) can't forgive.
  6. I frequently correspond with a US Vietnam vet. I know of no better way to wind him up then bring up the subject of G.I.Jane.
    He takes the whole matter very bad and treason is an expression he uses.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I don't bloody think so Ferg !

    I take great pleasure in baiting and taking the mick out of the cousins, but that's done entirely in the best spirit of the Brit squaddie.
    However in the case of this lying, lowlife Septic traitor I'll stand by Phil306 and his oppos every time.

    I have no time whatsoever for this double moralled bitch and the sooner she gets a chainsaw suppository the better.
    And you've caught me on one of my more charitable days.

    If you remember how things occured at the time I don't think you'd be quite so defensive of her seditious actions.
  8. It's not really much of an "apology" from her.

    I wonder why anything now? Seems she's trying to put a patriotic sounding spin on the visit to 'American prisoners of war' in Hanoi.
  9. Has she got a film or book to promote?

    Cynic hat off :wink:
  10. Hanoi Jane picture was the biggest mistake of my life, says Fonda
    By Francis Harris in Washington
    (Filed: 02/04/2005)

    Jane Fonda, nicknamed Hanoi Jane by an outraged nation for posing on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun that fired at American aircraft, says that the photo-opportunity was a "betrayal" of her country.

    Thirty-three years after the photograph was taken in a gun pit outside the North Vietnamese capital, Fonda regrets her treachery towards "the country that gave me privilege".

    Jane Fonda in 1972

    She made the comments in an interview to be broadcast on the CBS current affairs programme 60 Minutes tomorrow night. She said of the series of pictures showing her laughing and applauding the gun crew: "The image of Jane Fonda, Barbarella, Henry Fonda's daughter... sitting on an enemy aircraft gun was a betrayal."

    She added that the photograph amounted to the "largest lapse of judgment that I can even imagine".

    As is traditional in the United States, the confessional interview is part of the pre-publicity for a book, in this case Fonda's new autobiography, Jane Fonda: My Life So Far.

    But she was unrepentant about her decision to travel to North Vietnam while her country was at war with the communist state, or for the statements she made there. Nor does she regret being photographed with American prisoners of war.

    Senator John McCain, who was a PoW during the Fonda visit, said he was tortured for refusing to meet her.

    She said: "Both sides were using the PoWs for propaganda... It's not something I will apologise for. Our government was lying to us and men were dying because of it, and I felt I had to do anything that I could to help end the war."

    The truncated apology and lingering bitterness of the actress's embrace of an enemy nation brought a searing response from leading veterans yesterday. Chuck Schantag, a former marine who runs the PoW Network, said: "She should have been indicted for treason. If she turned up to apologise, the PoWs would just skin her alive. She offered aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese."

    Joe Davis, a spokesman for Veterans of Foreign Wars, said: "Some things can never be forgiven. Jane Fonda falls into that category."

    In a radio broadcast made while she was in Vietnam in 1972, the actress spoke of her time in the north.

    "I cherish the memory of the blushing militia girls on the roof of their factory, encouraging one of their sisters as she sang a song - these women who are so gentle and poetic, but who, when American planes are bombing their city, become such good fighters."

    The book also contains details of Fonda's sex life during her marriage to Roger Vadim, the Frenchman who directed her in the 1968 film Barbarella and who had a taste for sexual encounters with more than one woman.

    "One night Vadim brought another woman into my bed and I went along with it... I was going to keep up with the Joneses," she says.

    Thereafter, she procured prostitutes and strangers herself. But while she said she had been willing to go along with Vadim's wishes, she was unsure whether she had enjoyed the experience. "It really hurt me and reinforced my feeling that I wasn't good enough."

    What she learnt from the prostitutes informed her role in the 1971 film Klute which won her an Oscar.

    She also talked of her pain when her second husband Tom Hayden fell in love with someone else: "I felt like blood was coming through my skin. I felt like I'd just found out I'd been adopted."

    The television owner Ted Turner telephoned her the day news of her divorce from Hayden became public. They married, but he later found God and left her.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The new septic Figure 14 tgt.

    AKA the Cnut's Head
  12. Oh, the poor baby Jane Fonda was used like a whore. I'll shed a tear...NOT!!! The woman is a WHORE; one who should be dead.
  13. She wrote her legacy during the Vietnam War and there is no way she can erase it. Her anti-war activity has marked her with the scarlet letter.
  14. Vain, shallow, self-seeking, monumentally stupid...

    ...And those are just her good points! :lol:
  15. Burn the Bitch.