Hannigans Bar 21 Sigs

I was just interested to know if the bar name travelled with 21 Sigs to Colerne?

Tony Hannigan is one of the people the next book will be dedicated to. He was in my room in recruit troop and I knew him for my two years at Harrogate. He was an extremely funny guy and always had people in stitches. He had an impenetrable Glasgow accent that took me a couple of weeks to get used to. He managed the trick of making the DS laugh enough to leave us alone occasionally. We were on a room inspection once. The AT Cpl walked round behind him and spotted some dust on the back of his beret. Still behind him, he said,

"Hannigan, what is that on the back of your beret?"

Cool as fcuk, he replied

"Ah dinnae ken, Corporal. Ah have-nie got eyes in the back of mah fcukin' heed"

(Star jumps all round for quarter of an hour!!!)

He was killed in 1992 in an RTA whilst serving with 21 Sigs. I wasn't in Germany at the time, but the Rigger was telling me that he had a bar named after him.


I think it may have been, C_C.

However it may have been renamed after NAAFI became PAYD etc. I know a bar (named after a Sig who was killed in an RTA in a sandy place) was renamed "Legends" by the NAAFI suits. The NAAFI Manageress (an absolute diamond who regularly wrote and sent gifts to the boys who were deployed) fought tooth and nail to get the name returned.

He still has a stool by the bar.

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