Hannable Hayes ex 1RHA .

Hello Guys I have just joined ARRSE, I served 8 years in the Army from jAN 1973 until Nov 1980, I served with 1RHA and the Sth Notts Hussars.

I am the CEO of a military veterans organisation which I set up 2 years ago helping veterans and their families.
I used to be a professional musician for many years and still play lead guitar in a Rock band aged 60, old rockers never die we just smell that way.

Lookin forward to hearing from some of you guys.

Regards H.
Everytime some one new pop's up, with a nice little 'hello' type thing, the first comment weak attempt at a put down.

HH - you might want to find a decent sarcasum / shite filter, as it is present in spades.

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