Hannable Hayes ex 1RHA .

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Hannable Hayes, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Hello Guys I have just joined ARRSE, I served 8 years in the Army from jAN 1973 until Nov 1980, I served with 1RHA and the Sth Notts Hussars.

    I am the CEO of a military veterans organisation which I set up 2 years ago helping veterans and their families.
    I used to be a professional musician for many years and still play lead guitar in a Rock band aged 60, old rockers never die we just smell that way.

    Lookin forward to hearing from some of you guys.

    Regards H.
  2. Welcome HH,

    Stop being a whale penis
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  3. Everytime some one new pop's up, with a nice little 'hello' type thing, the first comment weak attempt at a put down.

    HH - you might want to find a decent sarcasum / shite filter, as it is present in spades.
  4. You've got a cheek, who are you to be gobbing off?
  5. ... --- ...
  6. You may be seen as a bit of an odditie on here mate!..owing to the fact that you have actually been in the army.
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  7. How are the Notty Ash Hussars? Still wearing the Acorn I hope!