Hankering for a Buell - Talk me out of it...

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Suddick, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. I have some spare cash and want a new bike. I already have a twin (R1200RT) and fancy a Buell. Am I mad?
  2. Get a cruiser- I've got a Kwak VN 1600 - love it to bits- a great head turner-loads of folk just wanna be you when they see machines like ours. Put loud pipes on and grin yer head off - check our site VRA UK - a great family...........................................RIDE SAFE
  3. Suddick, I recently did a bike course over here to get my M on my state licence and we did the course on Buells.

    If you want a safe, sit up and beg commuter bike go for it otherwise don't touch them with a bargepole or even duffdykes....
  4. Which Buell?
  5. Are you talking to me or him?

    Did the course on a 500cc- which I guess is the bottom of the range.
  6. Don't do it. It will shake itself to pieces within 5 miles. Depending on which Buell you want, there is a similar machine by another manufacturer that will be faster, better built and cheaper.
  7. Hankering for a Buell. Talk me out of it.

    Don't buy a Buell. They're shite! :)

    Fairy nuff?


  8. Concur heartily, if you want a bullet proof V-twin sit-up, go buy an NTV for £500 from ebay, it'll last you longer and retain it's value better, plus the engine braking is just the same...sharp enough to be dangerous!

    If you hanker after a "Proper bike" try this:


    2009 Triumph Speed Triple
  9. You want a naked muscle bike buy a Triumph
    Buy a Buell and you will regret it within the month. Slow, cumbersome and simply not good at anything.
    The looks can be appealing but they really don't deliver the goods.
  10. Try the Yam MT-01
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Everyone I know who ever did regretted it.

    Unless you are a blinkered Harley fan, you will see them for what they are - not as much character as Italian bikes, not as much value as Jap bikes, not as reliable as German bikes and not as good as Brit bikes....
  12. Triumph Street Triple R. None of that cruiser, tassels and chaps mularkey.

    Unless you're an overweight friend of Dorothy, in which case, fill your boots.
  13. Without doubt my Buell X1 was legend, not dull like the usual gixxer, R1, etc etc etc.

    Just a raw brute, and something everyone should try once, the only reason I sold it was for financial gain (id brought it in cheap and got offered alot for it!)

    Go for it, also I have a legend Buell SPecialist who is just mad as about them and what he doesnt know isnt worth knowing.
  14. Funny coincidence. Saw very sporty looking one in Rothbury yesterday. Rider bloke about 50 fit v. fit. Said it was a unique sort of ride but very rewarding. I noticed it because of short wheelbase. Hog engine with their head. About 4x as many horses as the Harley delivered it. Looks a killer all in white.
  15. Comparing Buells against other bikes is sometimes an excercise in comparing apples and oranges. They're one of those machines that are really in a genre of their own. You don't so much 'cut about' and zapp and howl your way around like a stung weasle as you might on japanese bikes, you're more 'bombing' (pretty nippily) around with a BFO growler between your legs. More pit-bull than japanese-cyborg-cat-machine (don't get me wrong I like those too).

    Its like ordering a Jaegermeister and complaining that its too sweet, or tastes too medicinal, or is a bit too thick, compared to scotch or vodka.

    I really want to have a go of the Buell 1125. If you hunt around there are some reviews and informative vids on youtube.