Haniya brushes off Rice visit


The Palestinian prime minister has brushed off the visit to the region by Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, saying she is serving an American and Israeli agenda.

Rice is in the Middle East partly to support Mahmoud Abbas, the president, in his struggle with Hamas over plans to form a unity government.

Ismail Haniya responded to Abbas' suggestion that he might dissolve the Hama-led government over its failure to reach an agreement by telling him on Wednesday "to avoid using the sword of time" by setting any deadlines in unity discussions.

"There is an elected Palestinian government which expresses the will of the Palestinian voter. However, we have said we do not have a problem to resume the dialogue to form a unity government," Haniya said.
He does have a point.......
Just wondering : When Hamas and Fatwa exchange a few gunshots everybody talks about an imminent civil war in Palestine.When at least 100 people are systematically killed in Baghdad alone everyday for the last year or so calling it a civil war somehow makes you unpatriotic and antimilitary-at least over here in Sceptistan.Disconnect?

Secondly,is Israel somehow playing divide and conquer as far as this two warring parties are concerned?

I'll take my answer off the air.Thank you.
Abbas is a fool the Yanks and the Israelis are not protecting him they are trying to pave the way for Mohammed Dahlan. It's Dahlan and his thugs who are behind most of the interfactional violence and there is no way on this earth that Dahalan will ever have popular consent.

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