Hangover Euphemisms...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bradstyley, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. A 'quick drink with a mate after work' last night turned into staggering home out of ones face sometime between 3 and 4 this morning, with the prospect of covering a few hours at work ahead of me this morning. I'm now at my desk feeling the after effects of a night of assorted Stella, Vin rouge & JD IE cold sweat, the sh1ts, minging headache, and am looking for suitable phrases to describe my condition - 'Eyes like p1ssholes in the snow' and 'Mouth like a Turkish wrestlers jockstrap' spring to mind, whos got any more?
  2. Feeling like Hitler when he got the gas bill
  3. tongue like Ghandi's flip flop!
  4. Head like a well smashed clunge.
  5. Has the world started falling out of your arrse yet just to add to the misery?
  6. "Self inflicted injuries"

    PS Had a Prairie oyster yet?

    PPs I hope your not an Air Traffic Controller.
  7. I did drop quite an incredible bomb about 20 minutes ago- expelling a hard, crusty cap of solidified faeces, followed by a blast of runny, oily matter that gave off a stench like it had been matured for a couple of days...
  8. Well I have a mouth like a Camels cnut, and I would like to thank those ex QDG Barstewards who must have pissed in my mouth last night, round two starts this afternoon in Cardiff
  9. A mouth like a Persian sniper's ammo pouch.

    Or my personal favourite, a mouth like a nun's clunge. :D
  10. waking up and discovering a bear has shat on your tongue and someone's put a rattlesnake nest in your stomach!!
  11. Would they be the same blokes who also shat in your trousers?

    Feeling rough as a badger's arse.
  12. Heid like a Fitba,

    Get some Irn Bru doon ye
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Having a hangover that would kill a civvy.
  14. I had a can of scotland's second finest export on my way in, it does have a strange restorative effect...
  15. I am thankfull that there were no Donkeys or Goats about last night