Hangover cures

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Can anybody recommend any good hangover cures (other than not getting p*ssed t'night before)?

    Ta muchley!
  2. Take one tube of Berocca, add it to 2 litres of water.
  3. I was told flat regular coke by a paramedic once, but personally I found Gatorade (Or powerade as we have in UK) Got me through 4 months in BATUS pretty well!
  4. Lazy morning sex, a hot shower, 2 rounds of toast with smoked ham and cheese drowned in Encona hot sauce followed by a half bottle of Smirnoff and cranberry juice.
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  5. Half a pint of orange jusice mixed with half a pint of full fat coke. Its goes a horrible shitty brown colour, but the vitimins, sugar and caffiene rush sort you out.
  6. Jump off a tall building.
  7. Wank
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  8. Couple of Brufen and 30 mins on oxygen.

    Food and lots of non alcoholic drink.

    A bloody good shit!
  9. Is that with her on top then?

    hair of the dog,although that only delays it.

    red bull or similar,couple of good painkillers.
  10. My old standby was a 1/2 liter can of Coca-Cola, a king sized Mars bar, and 20 cigarettes.
  11. What he said, except have the shit first.
  12. Mess Webley, not for the hangover but for crying about it you big girl!
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  13. Nah, spoons, that way I can poke it from behind and imagine she is Kate Hudson ....
  14. 2 liters of water prior to going to bed, 1 liter water and an aspirin upon waking up.

    Water is the key. If you have gatorade or an electrolyte sports drink better yet.
  15. 5 x 3 minute rounds, full Muay Thai rules, that'll sort you out.