Hangover cures

I was told flat regular coke by a paramedic once, but personally I found Gatorade (Or powerade as we have in UK) Got me through 4 months in BATUS pretty well!
Half a pint of orange jusice mixed with half a pint of full fat coke. Its goes a horrible shitty brown colour, but the vitimins, sugar and caffiene rush sort you out.
2 liters of water prior to going to bed, 1 liter water and an aspirin upon waking up.

Water is the key. If you have gatorade or an electrolyte sports drink better yet.
A nurse once recommended a strong glass of diluting juice with a tea spoon of salt mixed in.

Tastes rotten but its always worked for me.

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1 Litre of Pineapple Juice, 1 Bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk & shed loads of Peanut Butter on toast with a drizzle of hot chilli sauce spread onto each round. Breakfast of Champions.

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