Hangings too good for Galloway

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mucus, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7034665.stm

    I read this and my blood boiled.

    On one hand they want troops out, but then he comes out with this "He also called for victory for both "the resistance in Iraq", and "the freedom fighters in Iraq"

    CNUT :x

    Who do you think gave you the freedom to spout this shit3 eh?

    Rant over, discuss.
  2. I am speechless .. for once
  3. Right at the front of the march, amid all the bodies, banners, police and photographers, was a calm-looking woman pushing a young girl in a buggy.

    She was Lucy Galloway, 25, daughter of the Respect MP.

    "It's easier to push a buggy at the front when you're marching," she smiled. "I do it all the time."

    My God, do we allow these people to breed????? :(
  4. "respect party"
    respect for everyone except servicemen.
    can we mount some sort of campaign against this jerk? (although he just does it for PR)
  5. TO:
    The Right Hon Jacqui Smith MP
    Home Secretary
    House of Commons
    SW1A OAA
    Monday, 1st October 2007

    Dear Home Secretary,


    I am writing to you as President of the STOP THE WAR COALITION, to give you advance notice that there will be a demonstration in Trafalgar Square the day Parliament meets calling for the immediate withdrawal of all British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan at which I shall be speaking along with others.

    Afterwards many of those present - including myself - will be marching along Whitehall to the House of Commons to meet MPs and urge them to support this call for a withdrawal, as I shall be doing in approaching Malcolm Rifkind my own local MP.

    We shall be doing this in an orderly manner and I am making available to those who wish to have one, a postcard over my printed signature as a Privy Councillor, asking the police, and others to assist them.

    I enclose a copy of this postcard.

    The authority for this march derives from our ancient right to free speech and assembly enshrined in our history, of which we often boast and which we vigorously defended in two world wars.

    I am copying this letter, and its enclosure, to Jack Straw, the Commissioner of the Metropolis, and as a courtesy, to the Prime Minister's office.

    I hope that you will be able to re-assure me that those who demonstrate and march down Whitehall will enjoy your full support and the support of the police.

    But it is only fair to tell you that the march will go ahead, in any case, and I will be among those marching.

    Yours in peace

    If they are planning an Iranian attack they will have a public even more upset and disgruntled than before. This is what this tightening up is about. Civil liberties never seem very important until you need them. At times like this we need to be re-enforcing them -- Brian Eno

    This is rather a ham-fisted attempt to prevent us from demonstrating. What they (the government and police) do is up to them. We will just ignore them and we have the moral and logical high-ground. I will be marching on Monday, 8th October -- Mark Thomas
  6. Galloway is just a gobby cunt who likes to court controversy. Luckily, most people still view him as that daft twat pretending to be a cat on Big Brother.

    What mildy amused me was this;

    Professional protesters with smelly thick kids then?

    If anyone watched 'Doc Martin' last night, the family in that episode seem to fit the above bill to a tee.

    Its not chavs we should be worried about, its the middle class, pseudo educated 'modern parents'. They breed Neu Labourites at a rate that would embarrass the likes of Waynetta Slob and Vicky Pollard.
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The couple from Luton who were mentioned in the artile; did anyone watch 'Doc Martin' last night? there was a family so much like them in it that it is spooky!
    They won't work, undoubtably, feeling that by working within the military/industrial conglomerate would be a betrayal of their principles. That they believe that British troops are opressors, and brutal, liscentious thugs. That police are brutal and heavy-handed. That they have a RIGHT to disrupt, delay and distress anyone who does not follow their own belief.

    Hang the feckers! I met them all at Molesworth, Greenham Common and other 'disputes'! Useless wastes of skin, breathing air that others could be using.
  8. The measure of the home educating bichtes ignorance was then further demonstrated by stating that "We're not going to change anything just by sitting at home." Just after proudly stating that she keeps her kids at home so to 'share' her special world experience.

  9. The 'special world experience' probably consists of her letting the kids tamper with her womb whilst daddy is hammering her back box. Grotty feckers.

    old_fat_and_hairy to be know as 'trigger'..... :wink:
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Here's a good chant:

    "The Gallows Way for Galloway"
  11. Have none of these mung bean munchers actually thought about a) who is killing the Iraqis, and b) what would happen if the troops actually DID get out?

    Self important, self centered ignorant dullards.
  12. George c*cksucker Galloway is scum who supports those muslim extremists who kill members of the British Forces.
  13. By all rights call for the troops to be brought home, but do not invoke victory for Iraqi "Freedom Fighters". You can not in one breath claim to have our chaps' best interests at heart and yet support the very men who are trying to kill them at every turn.

    Whilst I do not agrre with Tony Benn, I have always respected his eloquence and the integrity in his pacifist approach. Galloway on the other hand is a snake who should be deported.

    Apologies to any snakes offended by the comparison with George Galloway.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The BBC article also contains yet another factually-incorrect (i.e. a lie) statement:

    "Shortly afterwards, to much applause, Mr Galloway, an MP for the Respect party, invoked the name of legendary revolutionary fighter Che Guevara, who died exactly 40 years ago during Cuba's revolution."

    Would that be the same E. Guevara who died several years after the Cuban revolution, trying to foment same in Bolivia? The same man who, as Castro's Supreme Prosecutor arranged the execution of hundreds of Cubans, many after begin tortured, and none after a fair trial? Obviously someone of whom G Galloway - and the BBC - are extremely proud.

    I walked past those cnuts yesterday, shortly before the march began. They were certainly noisy, but in my estimation (and I've had this confirmed by others, watching the march with less disinterest than I) there were less than 2,000 people there. Banners were plentiful, and basically if you can imagine an anti-establishment group, then they were represented.

    Oh, and in response to the bit at the start of the BBC article, expressing surprise that so many people turned out to demonstrate on a weekday - it's bloody obvious - none of the hypocritical scum have jobs. They live off the State they purport to hate.
  15. I love the photos! They're all ageing hippy fukwits! Look at the name's of the kids. Oak, Autumn, and Jasmine!

    They've no idea what's going on, bless 'em. They should go back home, sit in their front room/commune, or whatever and smoke another joint.

    Leave the real world to the real people.