Hanging the Brick and other traditions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Zarathustra, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Tomorrow my unit are holding Hanging The Brick, a tradition that happens (almost) every year.

    For those among you who don't have the benefit of being or having been a member of the first and finest regiment of foot guards I shall explain what exactly goes on.

    The even of hanging the brick begins at around mid day with Officers Mess Vs Sgts & WOs Mess sport, which is massively tipped in favour of the Sgts & WOs mess of course.

    Afterwards the Sgts & WOs Mess form up at the Guard Room in fancy dress and parade a brick which was taken from Hougoumont Farm during the Battle of Waterloo. They have to parade the brick around camp and into the Mess.

    The LCPLs and Gdsm are tasked with stopping them, and if they succeed in getting the Brick to the Cpls Mess then the SGTs & WOs MESS get the beers in, but it's not that simple.

    The last time we held hanging the brick we had blokes in hospital after being filled in by a NCO with a hockey stick, one LSGT was hit in the face with a sink and there were sheep guts thrown around with gay abandon. There were also rumours that some COYs had blokes keeping buckets of piss in their utility rooms for weeks filling them up ready to be used on the big day though I wasn't fortunate enough get near any of that. There were some cracking videos on Facebook and Youtube shortly after and it did look like a riot, sadly these appear to have been removed though if I manage to find some I'll be sure to post them here for your collective enjoyment.

    It is good to settle old scores with "no come back" though we have been banned from wearing any balaclavas or any other form of mask to hide our faces.

    I know the HCav and Coldstream Guards also hold a hanging the brick though I doubt there's are as fun as ours. What other units have or had strange traditions like this? Are they still going, or have they died out with disbanding and amalgamation of units?
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  2. You dress up, hang a brick, and all get cunted.....is the MO I believe?
  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Is that it?
  4. Go On then! Didn't one of the videos appear on Rude tube once?
  5. No - That's the Lifeguards (No.2 Dress), Grens dress up, beat the crap out fo each other and get pissed up!
  6. thought it was just the Lifeguards that did brickhanging?
  7. Has Her Indoors kicked you off the internet so she can go into chat?
  8. Possibly, I've been looking for some of the videos from the last one to show what I mean but they all appear to have gone.
  9. Blues and Royals do too.
  10. served with them in Sennelager but cant remember them doing it!
  11. It's a Life Guards tradition which is carried out at HCR the current RCM included the Blues last year.

  12. ahhh gotcha! shared mess now and all that!
  13. Bloody hell! I'm guessing that was an order to attend do? Can't see many Blues & Royals Leaping over the fence to carry out a Lifeguard tradition! It's also carried out at HCMR too.
  14. Shared mess maybe, but the Blues would usually comment "Oh fuck it's that stupid Tin shit with a brick".

  15. cant see many Blues missing the chance to get totally steaming tho! every cloud and that!