Does the military run a tri service hanggliding school in the UK. I know one exists in Sonthoffen.
If so pls post the details here of where and who to contact.

There is/was a hang gliding school at Cwrch Y Gollen (sp????), just north of Abergavenny in South Wales.

They ran a week long intro course which was pretty good fun, but very, very weather dependent. ie. If the wind was ever so slightly from the wrong direction, you didn't fly.
Dig out a copy of JSP 419 and you'll find all the details in there.

The courses are run at the JSPHG centre in Crickhowell.
Or even better download the relevant chapter of JSP 419 which will be up to date and not be the "Websters"/ 70's version held in most training wings.
You can download from ATG website.

Put off handgliding when I saw some golly stoof in Cyprus circa 97 in the tunnel beach area, think he survived after they had dug him out!

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