Hang/Para Gliding in Wales

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ian1983, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Wondering if anyone can help me.

    I'm looking to try my hand at hang gliding or para gliding on the May bank holiday weekend on the 23rd-25th May. I've looked on the web but a lot of the e-mails I've been sending out have bounced back.

    Does anyone know of any good clubs/events for complete beginners around the black mountains/brecon beacon area.

    Many thanks
  2. try 07970 421373 Axis para gliding in Abergavenny
  3. Excellent, many thanks. I will give them a call later today.

    Do happen to know of any hang gliding clubs in the area as well?
  4. you can allways go to the " syucknant pass" no map,,cannt spell it,,, its 2 miles west of conwy castle..
    theres a hill called " MON" or "Foul Lus" just past there.. they fly every weekend from them.. theres a few men and a lady who take "Doubles" for a small charge... two years ago i slipped a £20 :00 note and they took me for a buzz for over half hour...
  5. its called sychnant pass...map 115....OS 1:50.000..... 779 759 i hope thats right,,,its been a long time with the old map :?
  6. Llangatock, and Rhossili on the Gower, are good places to just turn up and ask
  7. Are both of those for para gliding?
  8. the ones with a very big parachute,, some have engines... allso the big hang gliders
  9. The Harp has a big car park and your kit will be safe.
  10. Unfortunately they are fully booked from the looks of the website from the 23rd-31st May

    Thanks though. Looks a decent place.
  11. I know its no good for that weekend, but have you looked into the JSHPC at Crickhowell? Did both my courses there, staff are good (civvy instructors, mostly ex mil) free food/accom and the courses are free, you even get to put a travel claim in for the mileage!

    Have a look at the latest AT DIN for course dates etc

  12. Are Dickie and Jamie still about?

    If the weather is good I'll be buzzing around Hay Bluff trying to prove that you can take off from in front of the car park and get to base!
    The other good spot is the Blorenge. It has ah uge take off overlooking Abergaveny - and a pokey thermal source right over the crematorium (but watch out for the greasy smoke). The site takes a SE or WNW wind - so if that's the prevailing it's worth nipping up there and having a chat/tandem before your course.

    A word of warning: a tandem PG flight will get you hooked.

    I would thoroughly recommend giving Hang Gliding a go - it takes longer to train and is harder work but once you've got your CP (club pilot) you'll fly faster and further than the floppys. I passed my equivalent CP in 87 but let it slip in favour of paragliding and I now regret- it but I don't regret taking up the sport:

    There is nothing quite like floating under a 4000' cloud base with some Led Zep blasting out of your speakers whilst you look for a handy cricketpitch/pub garden to land on 30k from take off.

    For all general inquiries regarding floppys or stiffys you should contact these people: www.bhpa.co.uk -they can offer advice regarding training and schools and provide a good service once you have passed (insurance and whatnot)

    Sadly there are some cowboys out there so make sure what ever school you go to is BHPA registered.

    Good luck.