Hang him high?


"A 41-YEAR-OLD man has been detained after Uttoxeter's ex-servicemen's club was "smashed up" as town war heroes attended the Remembrance Sunday service."

Uttoxeter, naturally, is outrageously outraged. And maybe rightly so. But it doesn't seem to occur to the authors of this piece of wannabee tabloid sensationalism that perhaps, just maybe, the perpetrator might be worthy of the town's sympathy and support.

Despite all the recent publicity on PTSD, it doesn't seem to have been considered as a possibility - sells more papers to villify this man or just write him off as a "nutter" without giving the matter too much thought.

He was obviously overcome with the emotion of the day and the fact that the jack b*stards had left without him.


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Nothin to say until we know more about the man, and why he kicked off at the place.
I thought this was another Des Browne thread, at first.

Disgraceful conduct, he should be subject to the full force of the law and then vigilante justice on hs release.

As for the Uttoxeter bloke...
Biped said:
Nothin to say until we know more about the man, and why he kicked off at the place.
Totally agree there Bipod, there’s more to this than meets the eye, cant see any reason an ex serviceman would trash a Legion Club like that, unless of course he was having flash backs of time spent in Sennelager NAAFI Bar....... in which case he really needs help!

Seriously though, if it is a case of PTSD then lets hope he gets the treatment he obviously needs.

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