Hang em

Telegraph, tomorrow.............Griffin says British Generals should be hung as war criminals.

Oh Dear. Waiting out. :x :x :? :? :?
So which group is he attempting to entice to join with that, assuming that it is an accurate quote of course, or is he/they just getting cheap easy publicity?

Still, I suppose it's good that you said "as" rather than "like". ;)
Actually, I used to like it when they said "hung" instead of hanged. A good bit of meat is left to hang until it is hung, not until it is hanged so this should also apply to what should be applied to Nick Griffin as well.
And, yes, half a dozen BNP threads in one day is a bit much. Any chance of combining them?
(Whoops, I'm also straying into Bugsy territory here and will now get the Int Cell herbivore/vegebore telling me meat shouldn't be hung..........well it bloody should be because it improves it no end).


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CQMS said:
There's now five threads on the front page about the BNP. How many more.

I'm bored with the BNP.
Yeah, me too. I tend to read here more than I post, but the expression "The oxygen of publicity" springs to mind.

It didnt work. But then, not much was working back then.

But it springs to mind. The oxygen of publicity.

BNP and Katey Jordan Price. These nightmares will vanish when we treat them as the shallow sideshows they are.


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What odds will ladbrokes give me for some kind of security incident at BBC Shepherds Bush on Thursday?

And, how much for Griffin and his entourage of skin heads being the first person-focused bomb belt attack on the UK mainland? I think thats definitely worth a punt. The only problem is it would generate far more support than the lazy - eyed one could hope to drum up on his own.
Oh it,s alright now, he said it was just some "Blck Humour"....Black Humour!...BLACK!, Racist Black!.....not Light black or Black with a hint of Black, but DARK BLACK!, Shwartz! Mein GOTT mein Fuhrer, vot are you saying. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
nottotouchtheearth said:
cheers mate..... so anything totally controversial will be sapped

I went to one in Birmingham a year or so ago and what was recorded was what was shown.

It is recorded segue and in real time so if the recording is 50 minutes long then that is what you will see.

That said, nothing controversial was going on at the one I attended.

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