Hang 'em high or hug 'em?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. Hang 'em high (piano wire optional)

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  2. Life means life

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  3. Keep it as it is

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Rather than hijack the 'US Politician calls for death penalty' thread, what is the view of the Kirk on stringing up miscreants? What indeed is a miscreant and what should be classed a capital offence? Is it the ultimate barbarism or a realistic response to the world in which we live? Why are we happy to go to foreign lands and kill people who've done us little or no harm but baulk at killing individuals who've murdered children and would, likely as not, do so again if they got the chance? Does having been a soldier colour your view one way or another?
  2. If you hug them then the extra weight pulls them down, helping to break the neck and die quicker.........
  3. One that you really enjoy.
  4. String 'em up, it saves money in the long run and using a bit of good hemp rope is kind to the environment.
  5. I think it should be brought back, but obvioulsy with some serious stipulations.

    I agree with re-stilly that it would save money in the long run as certain miscreants will think twice before commiting a crime which could cause the beak to don the black cap. It might have the knock on effect of convincing the Ganstaas/souljas and whatever elses that running around the streets with a stabber might be unconducive to the current state of you health/life, thereby reducing all the various crimes associated with petty gangs.

    Also in this time of Austerity, it would shave quite a deal of money off the prison's budget which is spent on housing people with no hope of release. The multiple rapists/murderers/kiddie fiddlers, they forfeited their right to life (normal or otherwise) lets get em sorted.

    There is the chamber, goodbye and thanks for playing.
  6. What about our rather frequent miscarriages of justice, or do you take the view that the death penalty means never having to say you're sorry?

    Also, if the death penalty is a such deterrent, why does the US have such a dreadful murder rate?
  7. The death penalty isn't a deterrent because nobody ever thinks they're actually going to get caught, either because the red mist has descended or they've seen the bloody appalling detection rates.

    Besides which, all you lefty hand-wringing wet Guardianistas calling for hanging piss me right off. Should Huntley get off with a few seconds of discomfort and then .... nothing? The death penalty is too quick and painless for him and people like him.

    A real punishment would be life imprisonment with no parole, locked in a concrete cell with no window and no mod cons. Food through a hatch in the door and no contact with any other living soul until they die. Most will go insane and smash their own faces off against the wall, saving us the cost of a rope.
  8. I'm in favour of it! helps keep the the costs down and gives the Gangsta's/Soljah's something to think twice about!!!
  9. I doubt most of them even think once. Not being facetious - how do you deter people for whom violence isn't so much a way of life as a raison d'etre?
  10. Further to your comment, taken with a pinch of salt, would it be feasible to contain lifers and long termers on a secure "island" prison? Allow them their own community with medical, social cover etc, but within the constraints of one place. They could live out their lives, running their own affairs with minimum interference from outside.
  11. Then think of it not so much as a deterrent, but a licensed cull. I think one of the reasons that the death penalty does not work in the states is the fact that the time between sentence and execution is very long with many being commuted to life on appeal.

    If it was re-introduced over here then maximum of 6 months from sentencing to execution, time for an appeal and time for the merchandise to be produced, the executions could be made to pay for themselves, T shirts with a picture of the accused and "I was There" logo. The possibilities are never ending, Hanging TV channel another possibility.
  12. I see your points about Youf culture and violence and also about the death penalty not being too much of a deterrence. But, if the act was reinstated I think that, initially at least, it would give the average scrote on the street summit to think about.

    With reference to Huntley/Sutcliffe and the rest, as joyful as it would be to have them beaten to death with a 3 point plug and flex while being simultaneously sprayed in the eyes with carbolic acid, I’d rather have the ******* gone with a long drop and short stop if it meant we didn’t have to see, hear nor pay for them any longer.

    Its not a perfect solution to all criminal issues, but a strong step forward!

    Plus, things haven’t been the same since we sold off HMP Australia.
  13. Well said.
  14. Bring back hanging.

    And make it prime time TV. Include it with the lottery draw. 49 convicted prisoners all on gallows with a noose around their neck. All given a number from 1-49. If their "lucky" number is drawn they're safe (including the bonus ball). If their number isn't drawn, pull the lever and have 42 unlucky souls twitching away at the end of a rope, soiling themselves live on TV. Those that survived get put back in the draw for the next week.
  15. I'm against any form of Sharia Law being adopted by this country.