"Handyman" Resettlement Courses

Although I'm a technical type, I fully intend to do one of those courses where you knock nails into wood, chuck bricks on top of each other and so on. Plastering, bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, roofing or whatever. I know that 22 years worth of resettlement time buys you about about 7 weeks or so, although I'm not sure how these courses fit together in practice. I know that course providers will obviously want to get bums on seats, so I don't necessarily trust their websites.

Has anyone here had any experience of any such courses? What did you think of the quality? I'm hoping to get stuck into my house and actually add value to my hovel, rather than end up standing there holding a sledgehammer with a sorry looking, huge pile of rubble under my feet! I don't want to end up looking like an arsse on one of those "DIY Nightmares" programmes on the dicovery channel! 8O
A Staffy at my last unit managed to get plumbing and gas fitting for his resettlement.

By all accounts he is doing very well and living in London, so must be doing OK.

Hope this helps PD.
Do the brickies and the carpenters course. the rest will fall into place.
:D :D :D
Cheers fellas. I'm already reasonably proficient at DIY and just want to step up my game a bit. I don't need to do technical courses for resettlement as I'm already pretty much where I want to be, technically and academically.
If all you are after is the know how, these courses are invaluable, but like everything, experience is where it's at. i started on these courses and i practised on different things before putting myseld out to work in the building sector, each job is different, you just need to remember that.

go for it fella :D

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