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I've never known anyone as politically incorrect as you, carry on & I'll put another photo up in the gallery just to piss everyone off.

In my day we ran around with proper 7.62 rifles, bayonets in our teeth, not todays 5.56 popguns.

I'd like to have seen the Russian Spetsnaz paratroopers take a bunch of wild eyed trannies on.
^ I assume you'll be getting renditioned shortly.
Nope, they know who I am and I have been to the US a number of times without let or hindrance.
I thought zzzz this might be appropriate guff dribble drone for you actually, maybe if I wore some eye-liner blah blah look at me at the next nasty man to drive into my car boo cry horrid man he might bend me over the bonnet and fuck me up the arse phucK phart instead of threatening bleat drone whinge to rearrange my face I wear tights. Drone cry stamp foot MUMMY TELL ME YOU LOVE ME

My Thai wife/daughter might stop slapping Off drone dribble me about too, you make me cry.

Lots of love.

Fuck off, Chopper.
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