Handy they had an ARV on site - Oh hang on ...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_Jaq, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Overturned on a roundabout, someone didnt secure the load tight enough then!!!
  2. Was it a woman driver?
  3. At least they only spilled 2 gallons of diesel (doesn't seem a lot). But you'd have thought that the BBC, of all organisations, would put an "s" on the end of Corps. Still, I suppose it's better than going one further and adding an extra "e".
  4. Probably a very dumb question, but asking out of curiosity and utter ignorance on such matters...

    Given the tyre marks on the road, could it have been excessive speed? Just how fast would you have to corner on a typical sized roundabout to make such nasty things happen?
  5. Somebodies tank transporter driver career gone for a burton then?
  6. I found it quite amusing the way that the Beeb kept referring to an "Army Tank". I suppose that that was to distinguish it from all the Matelot and Crab tanks (I don't mean FV100 series) that you find swanning around Hants & Dorset. :lol:
  7. They had to say army tank

    Walts have them as well.
  8. True, but not many have Chally ARVs.
  9. Give them time, lots of money and a vivid imagination.

    Take one Morris Minor, a set of welding gear and the contents of an old barn.

    Plus an old A Team script and you've got your Chally.
  10. Yerse..... but how many of Joe Public can ID a MBT.... especially when the Beeb and others persist in calling CVR(T) "tanks"?
  11. Chat without coffee ahead, methinks...
  12. I don't think you can blame the driver - maybe the CD changer on the Tank Transporter had jammed and he was trying to sort it out!
  13. That particular roundabout is quite big as I pass it often, however alot of traffic uses it so I doubt speed would have been a factor. It happens alot where I live just outside Southampton with containers from the Docks. Although we have smaller roundabouts, lorries still jackknife. Im sure the Dorset Roads Policing Unit will send there findings to the relevant people. Also if an RPU is involved, it's not un-common to breath test the driver and question him under caution in such traffic incidents.
  14. I remember, 'mumble-mumble-four'* years ago, seeing a Chieftain tipped off its transporter on the A303 up by the Thruxton** roundabout.; the transporter stayed upright in this case.

    Scuttle-butt had it that the turret ring was knackered and the vehicle written off as a result.

    It wasn't just a case of drying up a few litres of fuel, they had to fill in the feckin' great dent in the tarmac! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    * About 34 years to be honest! :oops:

    **Thruxton... The sound of it! What images that names conjurs! :lol: :lol: :lol: