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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. With the subject of roadside vigils not too long back, who actually picked up flowers for Valentines from these handy one stop shops then?
  2. A hell of a lot of you. I work in one such shop!

    Nothing like coming in and buying last minute cards (and getting me to sign them, you dopey twats) and choccies.
  3. How the chuff do you work in one?
    What do you do throw a stinger in front of any Novas that whizz past?
  4. I went looking round all of the nearest accident blackspots but couldn't find anything even remotely worth having away. Tight, dole-scrounging pikey cnuts, it's not like it's their money they're spending, is it?
  5. Accident blackspots are sooooooo last year. My advice.... graveyards :wink:
  6. Funnily enough, my research seems to show that graveyards aren't as popular as you'd imagine. Floral tributes are much easier to obtain from crematoria.

    As long as you grab them before they go under the grill.
  7. pop into your local hospital and wander over to the coma ward. provided that they are all not loners, chances are good that they will have at least ONE bunch of flowers between them!
  8. It was Valentine's Day for God's sake!! Where's the romance? Next year really splash out on a box of Ferrero Roche and a 2009 AA road atlas from the local BP station when you realise that you've forgotten (works for anniversaries too!)
  9. You're a flower arranger? Do many men use your arse as a vase for their meat stems?
  10. I thought you couldnt take flowers into hospital anymore in the UK, all about cross infection, Health and Safety etc....
  11. that wouldn't do me much good as i will have scoffed them before leaving the station! :D
  12. I find the 2009 AA Road Atlases a bit chewy personally