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Hands up if you miss Papa Smurf

Just wanted to see if anybody else out there misses Papa Smurf, his humour and everything he stands for. :'(

Shout goes out to the "Smurf" XXX
 :) ;) :D ;D
cant say I do miss him, boring old fart!  the shandy swilling remf couldnt even pull on holiday (no family around you see!) and no you DONT, F****n rule! I do!
big girls blouse :-*


I do miss him but his crown has been taken by C rap Cockney.......wierd that. ;D
Indeed I do, the Jackass style BBQs at various locations will not be the same until we can laugh at him again!! just leave 4 Regt Comd Tp alone next time mate!!! cause i think you made him cry!!!  ;D ;D

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