Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johno2499, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Is the US in danger of creating another Cuba situation? Will the US ever learn? Is the Bush-oil connection the catalyst again? Is it time for the EU and UK to go its own way in foreign policy?

  2. Oddly put question considering the Soviets flinched the last time or did you miss that bit of history?

    Perhaps and then perhaps you can change the name from EU to PB (Putin's Bitches) and break out the knee pads.
  3. Chavez is a loud mouth without an ounce of Castro's stickability. There are far too many sensible people in Venezuella to let him go on past his 2012 term limit.

    And hands off venezuela? Whose bombers just landed there? :roll:
  4. "Oddly put question considering the Soviets flinched the last time or did you miss that bit of history?"

    Look again, mate. The US flinched and secretly agreed to remove its missile bases from Turkey.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The EU couldn't formulate a common foreign policy to save its own hide. If the Russians ever do pour into Poland and head for the Atlantic each nation will do its own thing, which will mostly involve abject surrender.
  6. I reckon the Spams should nuke the sh*t out of the place, primarily to annoy lefties who think bootlicking an authoritarian regime is OK so long as its 'socialist'...
  7. then again, could I suggest that to make sure Venezuela ends up in the right hands, all those interested should obtain the following pre invaison electronic OPTAG trg. I'm not sure if CTP is fully supporting this as a career choice yet.....

    clicky linky thing
  8. Um, "mate", it was the missiles and not the bases which were removed and they were obsolete Jupiter class missiles already scheduled for decommissioning in 1963.

    Sounds less like flinching than throwing a bone to a defeated dog.

    Tell that to the Russians and the Politburo who used Khrushchev's ineptitude in the crisis to remove him from power two years later according to K's own memoirs. Maybe after you inform them how wrong they were they'll retroactively install his corpse back into power.
  9. Hands Off Venezuela seems to be a site dedicated to propping up Chavez?

    Chavez is an offical Class 1 Cnut, and everyone wants to slot him, including most of his own team. US involvement is neglible in that respect, it's all Chavez.
  10. Isn't he the loud mouth cnut who the King of Spain told to shut up???
  11. The very same. El' Cuntor.
  12. Spanish Aristocracy telling the 3rd world peasant how to behave :D

    Edited due to piss poor reading of your post :oops:
  13. No worries.....

    Isn't he the same loud mouthed cnut who tried to change the rules to keep himself in power and got slapped down by the people.......?

    Shame the Spanish don't run the place anymore, they'd soon have this cnut garrotted.......
  14. He's certainly proving to be a destablising influence in this neck of the Americas. Our 'Red' Ken the late lamented Mayor of London and he seemed to have a lot in common. The fuel for London buses 'talks' being one of their discussion points some will recall.