hands in pockets - what's the problem?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. why do a lot of noncoms and officers have I problem with you putting your hands in your pockets??

    why have them if they arent to be used?

    is this just one of those things that gets passed down from generation to generation with no real purpose??

    answers on a postcard
  2. Otherwise known as American Gloves........
  3. Old chinese proverb say:

    man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day :wink:
  4. Cause your a fecking soldier and it looks untidy-mong :roll:
  5. are you one of these people who puts creases in their fieldjackets? :cry:
  6. cos if you keep your hands in your pockets , your kids'll grow up thin.

    (if anyone knows what this means can they tell me!!!)
  7. not able to do any work? no cash for grub etc?
  8. Its what Spike Milligan's Dad is alleged to have said to him when he caught him choking his chicken as an adolescent............"Stop that do you want all your kids to grow up thin!" :lol:
  9. remember having to sew mine up - 20 stitches to the inch!! And the b*astard counted them!!
  10. Red white and blue stitching aswell when i got the sew em up order :(
  11. very classy
  12. er .... no a big f*cking royal, double decker pain in the arrse , didn't get caught again mind you. :)
  13. What he said! 8O
  14. Abso-fecking-lutely! And I bull my boots on exercise, creaases in my underpants and have a nice DPM bag for my pace stick! :roll:
  15. 1. It makes you look like a civvy. You are not.
    2. If your hands are cold, do pressups etc etc.
    3. You can't march with your hands in your pockets. It looks silly. Marching is what soldiers do.
    4. Army pockets are for maps, binos, pens, aide memoires, spare mags, torches on string, food etc etc. ie. There is no room for hands. Exept in a 'brecon pocket.' Which is very big, but not a pocket.
    5. If you put your hands in your pocket you will wear them out, if you have C95 or Dezzies, you know this won't take long.

    There, does that answer your question?