Handmade Poppy cufflinks remembrance Christmas auction


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Right. Snap to and get good. This is a Christmas auction for the only original Hand Made (that is how you spell ‘hand made’ you ******* Muppets) Poppy Cufflinks from heraldic-stained-glass.co.uk which are unlikely to come on the market until one of the other buyers carks it and their kids cash the chips.

These are #002 and are signed by The Lovely Iron Duke and some spastic from H4Hols who did not quite get the hang of writing ‘002’ at school. They come in a nice box.

You may view the original thread and auction here, http://www.arrse.co.uk/remembrance-...made-poppy-cufflinks-remembrance-auction.html

but be advised… Things became heated and immoderate language was used. Mostly me telling ******* ******* they were ******* *******.

They are a lovely pair of hand made poppy cufflinks and yeah, the pics do not do them justice. Because I have no intention of spending Christmas in this freezing shithole I will post them to RafBrat tomorrow and she will post them to the winner. RafBrat obeys my every command.

Bidding starts at £5. All money to H4Hols.

Bidding ends on 20 Dec 2012 unless RafBrat says otherwise.

Place bets now.


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As it is the middle of Advent, and I'm feeling very Christian, I'll do your work for you, just this once. As usual, if you want something talked about, leave it to the men, if you want something done, ask a girl.

So bid up, please people. I'll end the auction on His Grace's orders on 20th December at 1800 hours.

Thank you.


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Lovely links en route to the lovely GRB who is honest and willing girl, unlike me.

Bidding starts at £5
Bettr late than never, mit. Thank you for your bid.


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Bettr late than never, mit. Thank you for your bid.
Grooming the Welsh? Truly, you are a girl of fascinating hidden depths. He'll drop out at forty quid then you may have quality grooming opportunities, trust me.
The thing about my hidden depths, Mr. The Duke, is that they are hidden. What goes on down here in Dorset, stays down here in Dorset ;-)

Now, back on thread, any more bids for Dukey's finest?
Confirming safe arrival of cufflinks in Damp Dorset. I shall treasure them until 20th. They'll look nice with my lbd for tomorrow evening's 'bit of a do'.
Ends at 1800 today folks, and at £35 with mit!
Unless of course the Mayans got it right and the world ends today. In which case I should be obliged for the return of my cuff-links in Valhalla.
Doubt this 'gopping civvy' will be allowed in there. Are postal arrangements available?

Inkerman, thank you for your bid.


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Doubt this 'gopping civvy' will be allowed in there.
Theres gopping civvies and theres gopping civvies. Wear the LBD with the Georg Jensen necklace and like act your name is on the door.

Nice bid inkerman. I live to thwart MiT. Well, for the next hour and 50 mins according to my watch. After that it is the end of the world and cuff-links may be low on my event horizon. I shall have to deal with the end of the world and blagging GRB into Valhalla. Jesus. It's not easy being me.

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