Handling sleep deprivation

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by stewchicken, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. I got to work about 6:30 am this morning to beat the traffic. Usually after lunch lack of sleep starts to affect me. How do you guys handle it when your on tour?? Especially when your holding one position for a couple hours?
  2. [quote="Especially when your holding one position for a couple hours?[/quote]

    That statue trade, is the worst. :D
  3. A bit of self-discipline usually works. Drink plenty of water and if your feeling totally fecked, something with some sugar for a quick burst of energy.

    Was at sandhurst with a huge rugby player who, no matter what, could not stay awake. Fantastic morale boost to see him monging like an 18 stone baby. even funnier when he fell asleep whilst digging a trench and fell flat on his arrse.
  4. My mate swears by Pro Plus :?
  5. Pro Plus? whats that ?
  7. All you need to do is get fit, the fitter you are the less you feel like napping in the afternoon, and getting to bed about 10pm is good.
  8. no empire, im in trinidad . we are some hours behind england. what im asking is "How do you guys handle it when your on tour??
    " simple question eh?! Does the military have any particular way of handling it or teaching recruits how to handle it? I'm just curious. And yes I've pulled 30+ workdays on projects. so fack off.
  9. Legal over the counter wake up drugs, I'm lead to believe. Make you look like this though --> 8O
  10. Wow, really? 30+ days. I think the army could learn from you. What advice can you give us? :roll:
  11. I handle it by becoming increasingly grumpy and disinterested followed by self pity and work avoidance. If these have not worked for me I try watching the flames from my hexy telly for a while before pulling myself together and hiding somewhere warm.

    Sadly there are no ways to get used to sleep deprivation, there is however a well known and certified remedy - sleep. Even ten mins head down will do you good so if you aren't doing anything bang out your immediate admin and get your head down. Soldiers in the field should be either ready to go, getting ready to go or asleep - preferably asleep.
  12. Red bull works for me wether it was the caffiene or the disgusting taste never sure .4 days of little sleep find my self monging it big time and quite prepared to kill anyone i can for some sleep .
  13. Paint some eyes on your eyelids so that when you do get some egyptian pt at your desk (obv doesn't work in the field) it still looks like you're awake!!

    Alternatively, as a few posters have said, get your swede down earlier the night before. The human body begins to suffer if it gets less than 6 hours kip a night. Alternatively, you could start an addiction to very strong filtered coffee-that can help
  14. Obviously never been a student, it was one of the main food groups during my finals!