Handley Page Herald G-CEXP

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Dunc0936, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. Hi all

    Not sure if any of you have seen us on Facebook, but we have taken on the Task of Rescuing and restoring the Handley Page Herald G-CEXP at Gatwick airport. She is going to need a new home which we are still looking into, You will see from the photo's on her dedicated Facebook page we are going to need a lot of parts, including a full set of instruments, cabin interior and two Dart engines.

    The our main Facebook page is www.facebook.com/UKHeritageAviationTrust/

    We have also set up a dedicated page for G-CEXP or XP for Short which is


    Duncan Halford
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  2. Is that main picture from the air museum at Charlwood?
  3. Bit of T-Cut and a couple of air-fresheners, she'll be good as new.
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  4. No, that is her current location near the Gatwick Fire service training area
  5. Looks like a complete Fokker to me?
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  6. No, it is defiantly a Handley Page Herald
  7. defiant lol (almost)
  8. Lol should have checked my spelling
  9. @Dunc0936

    Have a word with that git Meeson at Jet2. His shower used to (? Still do) run Heralds under the Channex call sign out of BOH.

    Don't hold your breath though, that lot charge for stink on their shit so something like saving a bit of heritage is unlikely to be of interest.

    I can remember her on the roof of the viewing area.

    Good luck with the venture.
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  10. Defiantly not.
  11. What we really need and hope Jet 2 might still have some where are the log books? We are really hoping they haven't been destroyed
  12. Try the CAA? No idea if they have an archive.
  13. from what I saw of the hangars in Bournemouth, where the simulators are, they never threw anything away! It wouldn't surprise me if they still had Herald documents on shelves.
  14. How long ago was That?
  15. Which airport was this at and would you know anyone I could contact? I have looked on their website and just come up with their general customer service number