Handing the EU a Blank Cheque?

You have to love this government. First they deny us the referendum they promised us in their election manifesto even though everyone knows that the 'reform treaty' is basically just the old constitution with the serial numbers filed off and a quick respray job, when they're forced to at least have some parliamentary debate on it they try and cut in half the number of days of scrutiny and now we find out that apparently large chunks on rather important issues wont be determined until the treaty has been approved by the more eurosceptic countries. Things like the possibility of a European army, the powers of an EU president, how the proposed EU diplomatic service will work, the powers of the new EU foreign minister and whether the European police office will be able to expand its activities seem like incredibly important issues that parliament is being asked to debate and vote on without full knowledge.

I really just can't get my head around this, it's absolutely bonkers. I certainly wouldn't sign a legal document without first reading it and depending on how complicated it as having a lawyer give it the once over at well so why is the government seemingly doing exactly the opposite? They seem to be actively working against their own national interest simply to be seen as 'good Europeans'.
I do wonder just who it is that has already sorted out all these matters proposed but not officially announced.
My Boozing Buddy says its all about control, the communist habit of controlling everything the citizen does.
Oh Rooshia lost the Cold War but her fellow travelers dug in deep and just keep pushing their desired programs through.
This just goes to show what smarmy little creeps like Miliband think about the man in the street having any democracy or say in the way the country is run,I.E. none at all.

Miliband is part of an elete and arrogrant clique within the Labour cabinet determined to run the country their way and preferably without opposition.

Last year Miliband's father died and left a million plus house to his son who used a loophole in the law to ensure he paid no inheritance tax.

An example of the contempt people like him show for the great British unwashed.

If the likes of Miliband had his way,you would end up in a concentration camp for even looking at a website like this criticising the "Greatest Labour Government Ever".

21st Century Communists the lot of them.
At last! At last, it appears that I am no longer a voice (albeit oxygen starved) crying in the wilderness. Someone else has said something less that wholly complimentary about the European Soviet Union. (He'll probably be declared 'brain-dead' by the facile moderators on this site).

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland hardly exists as a sovereign state any more. Bliar sold off most of it (to become the first President? See dozens of my previous posts). Now the growling oaf Brown is about to sell of the remainder.

I supported the case to have 'Traitor' Heath arraigned as a traitor - he made his Sovereign subject to the laws of another 'state', despite having taken a Oath of Allegiance. That man I very much hope is rotting, painfully, in hell, with naked boys just out of his scaly reach!

The biggest problem, we the great un-washed, are faced with is: a vote for UKIP is in reality a vote helping to keep the current inadequates in office.

Emigrate, and take your money and pensions with you!

PS: You all looking forward to bowing or curtsying to the President of the European Soviet Union and the First Lady (The wide mouthed frog). Sorry, I feel very sick..................
That what happens when people are foolish enough to vote the enemy within into power.
Isquared, have some oxygen. At last someone is waking up to the death throws of this once-great and sceptred isle.