Handing Over Basra Palace

Oh dear,

That mean that the ferret thing which lives in the drain system there will have to move out to avoid being eaten by the Iraqi Army.

That thing got so fat from what got thrown in the bins by the cook house. I have never seen a ferret thing waddle before.

i'm sure the Iraqi army will enjoy the use of the podded accomodation, swimming pool and offices out in at the cost of £25m by the Foreign Office
At a cost to the British Taxpayer of?

What's the betting £25m is the 'public consumption' figure.

Dismantle it and bring the bugger back.


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Letters: UK troops in Iraq
Proud of our soldiers, but not of the war they are fighting
Published: 27 April 2007

Sir: Julian Thompson is utterly wrong to claim in his article on 26 April that the armed forces are in Iraq in our name.

They are there in the name of those who deceived to take the armed forces into an illegal war. They are there in the name of those MPs who voted for an illegal war. They are there in the name of the United Nations, which stupidly tried to "legitimise" the illegal invasion after the event and which was booted out of Iraq by a resistance bomb attack. They are there in the name of a puppet government which cannot even control a fenced-off area of Baghdad, and which is desperate for the invaders to remain indefinitely. British armed forces are not in Iraq in my name, or the name of the millions of others who took to the streets to oppose the illegal war.

I am proud of those members of my family who have served and still serve in the armed forces, though I am not proud of them taking part in the illegal war and the subsequent occupation. The resistance bomb attack on the UN killed someone who came from just along the coast. I can remember our emotions when four soldiers from this area killed in the occupation were buried over two days. The stream of funerals is a constant reminder of why the Labour Party cannot be trusted. Mr Blair cannot even be bothered to visit those people he is responsible for putting in hospital, and it was a long time before the Defence Secretary bothered.

In particular I am not proud that those who claim to act in my name are not even interested enough in Iraq to count the number of deaths of locals in the country they have invaded.


I think a lot of the GBP feel the same way.....conflicted about the whole issue ...... as one who served (briefly) in Iraq I know I am......MFAW will doubtless keep gaining recruits until this is resolved.....why do I doubt Gordon is the man to change anything.....?

Le Chevre

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