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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by georgiaphil, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. I am in the process of changing units & have been told by my new unit that I will have to hand my kit back to my original unit, so they can then issue me with the appropriate equipment that they supply.

    Apparently I do not have to hand in my resperator, ear defenders & boots. Can anyone who has done this before let me know if there anything else I will get away with not handing back in as I don't want to offer up anything else that I may need like extra T shirts & the like.

    Not sure if anyone would fancy having my socks or long johns after I have worn them though!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Sounds like a load of crap to me. Your 1157 should follow you around.

  3. Anything that goes next to your skin e.g. all clothing. The only things I handed back was webbing and bergan.
  4. These items will remain on your 1157, so unusally, sensibly will not be required to be issued by your new unit.

    The QM of the unit you are leaving will send the 1157 to your new unit.
  5. That makes total sense so I will work on that principle, although I know I have to send back the helmet I currently use as it will be the wrong type.

    Thanks all for the replies.

  6. Ahh so you've been issued the new Mark 6 Bravo helmet? Mark 6b
  7. i had to hand dos bag and goretex back ,havasack-without resy,webbing ,bivi-bag and bergen all the rest i kept

    Oh yeah and i had to hand in my beret ! of all things ? good luck getting it all re-issued as it may take a while cos the "Q" staff seem to make it up as they go along !
  8. They do indeed :) If we had someone transferring to another local unit (There are about 4 within 3 miles) it would not be uncommon for the person leaving to be allowed to keep their webbing. It would then be a simple matter of a quick phone call and a visit to thier new unit to collect a set of webbing from them.
  9. Having transferred between units several times (my job moves me around the country a lot), what I have done is ask my QM to provide a list of everything they expect back from me. I then hand in that, and nothing more.

    It's worked for me, three times now.
  10. Always nice if they have mislaid a 1033, depending what you have on there makes a nice going away present
  11. That sounds like a good plan of action to take, I will do that.