Handing kit back and getting it off 1157

Hi all.

At that dreaded move stage again and still carrying about old issued kit. So, question for the QM gurus:

Is it possible to approach the clothing store, hand back old kit (ie - the old lightweights, wooly jumpers, OG shirts etc) and cut down the size of my 1157? Im at no stage of getting out anytime soon or doing an official de-kitting but a bit fed up of having this kit follow me about and not using it!



If you are a senior rank go see the clothing stores bloke in the mess and he will wipe it for you' all your really accountable for is your webbing card stuff and helmet and goretex all the rest gets burnt.
Yes, just make sure you get a chit confirming what you have handed in until the system gets updated (in case they forget). I have done just that with the same kit and a Mk 6. My store seem to plough thier own furrow and are very helpful. The window of 'Yeah, why not?' Wierd.


Kit Reviewer
All my experiences with the stores/QM etc has always been positive. I've always had a gen reason for needing extra kit, and when stuff has come my way i've passed it on without asking for reward. They've always helped me out, and if I've given kit back in have always then helped me out when ive gone diffy kit - not written it off but helped me find a way to replace it.

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