Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cam_up, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. were can you get a spare sa80 hand guard from?
  2. The armourer, after you've explained what you did with the old one.
  3. I've been asked for worse, lost minimi bolts are a popular one.
  4. cheers but i would like to no were you can get a spare one ie some internet site
  5. if any one has a spare and are selling
  6. Yes, because I regularly sell bits of firearms to people I don't know over the internet :roll:

    Why do you want one?
  7. a spare for spraying
  8. Three or four on eBay right now....
  9. cheers
  10. Why would you want to spray one? Airsofter? :wink:

    If your coming over on OP's you will get the new rail one, which is still black.
    Your not them so you wont have your whole weapon sprayed.
    You will have a sprayed (Desert I presume?) handguard and the rest black and green. you will look like a : a) Walt b) Tw@t c) c0ck or all three. :D

    Save your cash and any cred you have left. :wink:
  11. I'm sure we have enough problems with people selling weapon parts on ebay. ;)
  12. 15 years is the going rate I believe. :D
  13. i know i should ge the black one but my battalion says theres not enough to go round so get one spraed p and rail fitted on the bottom and a pistol grip
  14. i call bullshit.

    you have a seriously dodgey armourer, if they are telling you to go and purchase integral weapon parts off the internet.

    if you go to the clothing store and they tell you they dont have your size of combat jacket in, you dont go and say 'no worries mate. ill shell out the 60 quid to get one from the surplus shop.'

    you get them to order it in, and annoy the **** out of them until they give you one.

    the army would never reimburse you because the guys in charge of h&s and all the paper work shit would probably have a mild stroke at the thought of guys buying weapon bits off random sellers.

    hell, its not even 'your' weapon. you pay no licence fee, you dont get to keep it when you leave, you dont pay for it, so why you would be prepared to shell out for its maintenance.

    and lets gloss over the fact a new rail, paint job, and an extra pistol grip, is hardly neccesary. we have managed to muddle through with the a2 for a good while now, im sure you can wait a few months for a new case.

    either your spinning us a line, or you have too much money and no sense.


    i recon i was right the first time, a sample of your posts suggests you arent in.


    a trained soldier never encountered customised kit before? strange, but maybe your from one of the less 'keen and green' roles.

    next, http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=112290.html

    hhhmm...deploy soon, but feel the need to ask what to carry on patrol?
    hell, id have a fairly decent idea just from training, combined with a bit of common sense. and any grey areas would almost certainly be ironed out by unit SOP's, and will depend on the tasking.

    not to mention, you seem suprised at the weights carried. the 'combat' weight is fairly well known, and i even read something about it on the MOD website at one point.
  15. Plt Sjt came back with a customised handguard. he had painted it for the desert then sprinkled on dust with glue to dull it down, then attached a maglite + LSW rear grip onto it.

    Nuff said if it is issued for ops then why go purchase one :!: