Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by do_1, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. As an ex RTG I did everything in my power to avoid getting dragged into a commcen, the closest I got to one was an adjoining room in the 39bde ops room and that was too close. Are there any of Gods Children who were unlucky and had to work as a fully fledged "handbag". Were they as bad as thought or was it myth?
  2. Fishing for a bite are we!! DTG through and through and it was quite good!!!
  3. My first wife was a handbag and always used to complain when RTG's preparing for Class 1's were stuck in the Commcens she worked in (JHQ Soltau Osnabruck Aldershot) and she had to babysit them.....
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Closest I got was the same 39 ops room....when were you in it?
  5. My experience was that 99% of RTG's would fight tooth and nail not to
    go into a COMMCEN but when they realised the perks like time off, tv, brews galore, evening rations, etc getting them out was an even bigger problem. DTG through and through as well timebandit.
  6. 97-98 ops rm and rover gp rad op.. good times
  7. My Doris used to curse like a 'scouse docker' when RTGs were punished with stints in the commcen. She almost always had to graft twice as hard to cover up thier fcukups. Her stint in the traz comcen doing 24 on 24 off was enough and evoked a get out on marriage clause. Is that still available to the lumpy jumpers these days ?
  8. The life of a handbag was hard - Wimin, beer, tabs and a comfy bed, ahhhh happy days . . . .
  9. Only ever worked in one Commcen for a couple of years.... and I was a DTG! Feckin good laugh.... enjoyed every moment ! :) lots of ex DTG in the corps now in different jobs... some are Techs or IS Ops some have even become YofS... not bad eh! :D
  10. Had the pleasure to work in the Commcen at Detmold on a rotating basis and thouroughly enjoyed it..

    Of course the pleasure of working with the odd wrac now and again had something to do with it.. and some of them were very odd believe me...

    Oh i was Handbag by the way not a wannabe handbag RTG...lol
  11. I had to work in one S. Armagh and had to teach a load of RRF guys how to work in their as well. Interesting to say the least!
  12. Currently in a commcen on telic, two RTG's sat on the internet, it is certainly the most boring job either of us has ever had the misfortune to do, and somehow the army has managed to get the sausage rolls you get in death packs in the UK into our night rations out here!
  13. Not the best start to the tour, can you not draw on the resources of 'Wimin, beer, tabs and a comfy bed' to take the pain away from the sausage rolls?
  14. Plenty of tabs! Dry tour and not many women.... Just have to stick to the sausage rolls :D
  15. Got to say I was an RTG, and like wise I fought tooth and nail not to get in a commcen, but I freely admit it's because I am a biff typist and didn't have a clue what I was doing. Although the dudes in the commcen in BFPO12 certainly seemed to be on a good number.
    Does sending messages from a trend out of the back of a 501 on Grapple constitute commcen work?