Handbags at Dawn...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Boozy, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Ladies and Gents (mostly gents granted)... I have not long since received this spiffing PM

    I'm not one for the whole PM'ing nasties so I thought I'd post it in open forum and give my answer in the naafi if I may. After all it has been said that fighting online is like racing in the special olympics...even if you win you're still retarded...*cough* I assume he's referring to my signature block.

    Dear Meathead84...it may not be hard...it may not be clever, but it is fcuking funny :nod:
    Please ask Santa Claus for a sense of humour.

    If you would like to challenge me to a fight as I think that's what your message is implying then bring it on big lawwwwd... I'm from the barry the blender school of mixed martial arts - big chucky norris, mate of my da's! YouTube - I AM FIGHTER

    challenge many women to fights? :)

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  2. I see he joined in 2003 and then didnt post until 2010, maybe he went away for GBH and now he's going to get you.

    Or he's a t'interweb hardman like Northern_monkey and REMFQuestions.
  3. Hes been here since 2003 and this is the first offensive thing about Raspberries/Mongtards hes read? I wouldn't worry about him following you around the forum. 5 post in 7 years must be a fucking slow typist.
  4. I look forward to his response in 2017!
  5. Maybe he's just a fucking dribbler himself and it's took him best part of 7 years to type a reply using his head dobber just looking at his avatar you know he's slow........Engerluuuuuuuuuuunnnd type
  6. Maybe he got his tongue stuck on the window with all this cold weather
  7. His username says it all
  8. No way is this spunk bubble as hard as REMFQuestions. REMF can melt diamonds with a simple raise of an eyebrow.
  9. I'd simply point out that 'Violence is the last resort of the incompetent'.
  10. do you mean our government ? ;)
  11. Theres nothing quite like defending the 'differently challenged' by calling them mentally retarded is there?

    The man's a genius.
  12. I think, like gamers do with LAN parties, that we should have an internet hardman party. Get all the internet hardmen in one big warehouse all supplied with a pc linked to the same chat room. Supply some booze then sit back and watch the fun.
    It would go from harsh red font to scratching eyes out and flying pink handbags in no time at all. We could even televise it.
  13. I say it's Paul Gascoigne and he's just asked you for a date! They have slightly different mating rituals in those regions.
  14. He's asking for it, I'm surprised you didn't give him your address Boozy with all the training from Barry 'the blender'!! When he says he's a real hard bloke, does that mean he gets erections over mentally challenged kids? @.@ I challenge anyone not to laugh at a yellow bus with kids licking the windows, I even laugh when my brother does it :p
  15. So a competent man will use violence first?