Hand your b0ll0x in lads

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hairy_Hacker, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. From another forum: This morning at MacDonalds a guy (x) was in a queue for his sausage McMuffin when a bloke (Y) appears to his left and jumps the queue. X points out there's queue and Y steps back , then motions to queue jump and get served. not wanting upset the three people in front X stays in the queue. This bloke then queue jumps again.
    This bloke has really pissed X off, so X pushes him out of the queue and give him a verbal dressing down.

    Fair enough so far I say but...

    One of the onlookers says there's police out side, there's two community officers outside so X goes over to get them to sort it and the next thing X knows is he's in handcuffs being cautioned for common assault for pushing.

    Apparently you don't have to queue anymore in this country and you can't stand up for yourself.

    Would ARRSE like to have a whip around to pay my air fare to Oz? This country sickens me. This event is minor I know but add it all up...
  2. If he was gonna get done for it its a shame he didn't chin the cnut! but serious I see your point, its ridiculous. Cliche I know but why aren't they out there catching the real criminals. Also hardly surprising they where hanging round outside McDonalds :roll:
  3. (X) should have decked (Y)...............end of arguement.
  4. Are you sure it's true?

    Do you have a link to the relevant thread on this other forum?

    As far as I'm aware PCSOs do not have police powers, and as such can only make a civil arrest. Don't they usually radio for real coppers if there's a problem?
  5. They are only allowed to make a citizens arrest, however I would have mad it worthwhile I would have battered the bloke. Theres nothing worse than ill-mannered chav bar stewards!!
  6. wouldnt have been in cuffs because PCSOs dont carry them its probably bullsh*it
  7. PCSO's do carry cuffs in certain places, even the security guards at Blackpool pleasure beach carry cuffs these days!
  8. I believe tha PCSO actually do not have any power of arrest, not even civillian arrest powers.

    They can only watch, take notes and assist if necessary. Waste of space.
  9. Its a bit PC isn't it. What the hell, if your gonna do the time, at least do the crime. Chin the w@nker
  10. The Police Reform Act 2002 gives PCSO's the power to detain someone they suspect has committed an offence for up to 30 minutes.
  11. What did Y order. Was it a double Sausage McMuffin. They are nice.
  12. Further to my previous post:

    The Police Reform Act 2002 makes provision for Community Support Officers to be designated with the power of detention. Where a CSO has reason to believe that a person has committed a relevant offence he or she may require that person to supply their name or address. A relevant offence is defined as either a fixed penalty offence or an offence which has caused injury or alarm to another person or the loss of or damage to property.

    If the individual concerned refuses to give a name or address or the CSO suspects that the details that have been given are false then the CSO may 'require the person to wait with them for up to 30 minutes pending the arrival of a constable'. Alternatively the CSO may accompany the person to a police station with that person's agreement. Any person who fails to wait with the CSO as required or who tries to make off is guilty of an offence. CSOs may use reasonable force in order to detain a person, but they are not supplied with handcuffs, batons or CS spray.

    Ive seen the walt coppers with cuffs!
  13. I had a similar encounter in a McDs in London, different outcome though, the offending little chav left muttering insults under his breath after I put him right on the queuing procedure. when I left with my big bag of scran and me diet coke, he and 2 of his skinny little max power wanabee's were waiting outside he called me a cnut and gave me a dig in the face, I kicked him in the knee (was aiming for his spuds but I’m not a ninja) really hard! he went down and even better screamed like a cat in a mincer, luckily the staff saw what was going on and came outside to my defence, they picked up there mate and left. I was shaking like a dog sheeting razor blades but there was no sign of arrest just pats on the back from the blokes (young Asian men) who came out to help me.
  14. PCSOs or the SAS (Saturday's And Sunday's), a bit more British heritage down the drain, after all we wouldn't want to offend any europeans in the que(sorry they dont que) now would we!
  15. Fat cnut. get a good bowl of cereal, some toast or even a cooked breaky inside you before you leave the house.
    Situation avoided. End.